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September 07, 2021 2 min read

You want your wedding day to be perfect in every way. However, you can’t control the weather no matter how much work you do. You can prepare for any eventuality, though.

Here are three tips for planning around rain on your big day.

1. Gimme Shelter

A little fall of rain will hardly hurt your plans, but a summer thunderstorm poses a danger to you and your guests. An average of 41 people die from lightning strikes each year, often because they couldn’t get to adequate shelter quickly enough.

If you’re having your reception at home, your garage might offer the ideal storm shelter if you don’t want scores of guests tracking dirt on your clean carpets. Please ensure you check the door for damage and test that the seal keeps out moisture. You don’t want your gown dragging in a puddle.

2. Provide Outdoor Cover

City in rain

What if you plan an outdoor affair that isn’t on your property? Although wind and lightning remain problems, many local parks and some beaches have pavilions that offer some respite from the rain.

However, if you’re in a traditionally dry part of the year, like spring in the southwest, you can get by with overhead cover alone. You can even sew a tent if your budget is stretched a bit thin and you worry that your venue won’t have adequate roofing to fit all your guests.

3. Stay Dry During Transport

Even if you plan a formal indoor affair, you still have to get from point A to B without getting soggy. You probably spent a small fortune on your wedding day ‘do — don’t let a shower drown your tresses.

Of course, you can use umbrellas. However, you might want to discuss other options with your venue if big storms frequently strike during the time of year you’ve planned your big day. They might have an awning they can extend, for example, letting the limousine drop you off under the cover, so you stay dry. This option also delights your guests — they don’t want to get soggy, either.

Planning Around Rain on Your Wedding Day

Inclement weather won’t stand a chance of putting a damper on your big day. Plan around rain on your wedding with these tips.