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July 12, 2018 2 min read

Lavender Pomander Ball

The 10 Minute Pomander


Additional Supplies:


1.Gather 4 pieces of raffia together and tie a knot in the center. Place the knot on the lavender ball and wrap two strands up one side and two strands up the opposite side. Tie them in a knot on top, opposite the knot on the bottom. Do the same with the other 4 strands, wrapping them up to the top opposite each other and knotting them together. The second set should be alternated between the first set so each quadrant of the ball is covered with raffia.

2.Tie the ends of the raffia into a bow. Cut the last piece of raffia to 12" and bend it into a loop. Knot the ends together and bend a 3" piece of floral wire over the knot. Insert the wire into the ball behind the bow. This creates a raffia loop for hanging the pomander.

3.Glue the dried rose buds around the center of the bow. Cut a few miniature ivy leaves off a spray or garland and glue them around the roses and bow, facing out in all directions.

4.Cut the baby's breath into 1/2" sections and glue it in among the roses and leaves, facing out in all directions.

To turn your pomander into an ornament:Cut 5 pieces of raffia 14 inches long. Tie a double knot on both ends. Fold the raffia in half and place the middle on the top of the pomander, push a greening pin into the top (at a slant) to hold the raffia hanger. Tie the ends in a bow and use as a hanger.

*How to make a lavender sphere Take a 3" diameter styrofoam ball and cover it in white glue. Place lavender flowers on waxed paper and roll the styrofoam ball in them. in . Let dry overnight.

Lavender Pomander Ball