On Groundhog Day this year, Phil didn’t see his shadow. Which means early spring this year! While we can’t say we aren’t excited for the warmer weather, Here at Save on Crafts we’re mostly excited to decorate for spring.

Since figuring out the best way to freshen up your home for a new season can get overwhelming, we’ve figured out the top seven ways to decorate for spring in your home!

Colorful Florals

decorate for spring

Silk or fresh, florals are the perfect way to reflect the season in your home. If you like to shop local, you can find a lot of seasonal flowers available in the springtime that will brighten up your home. Growing up we always would have tulips in our home to show that spring was coming.  Florals not only bring lightness to your home, but can signal that spring is on the way based on the type or color of your blooms.

Fresh Scents

It may not be warm enough to open your windows to let fresh air in yet, but you can still make your home smell like spring. Scented votive candles, like lavender or gardenia, give you a sweetly scented room reminiscent of springtime. Sometimes during colder months we are guilty of hunkering down in our homes and that can make the air in our home feel less than fresh, but that’s what candles are for after all.

Blush & Pastel Accents

Decorate For Spring

Using color is an easy way to decorate for spring without going overboard. Soft pastels and blush are perfect for spring. They brighten up your home and match the florals of the season effortlessly. Adding pastel candle holders or vases is any easy way to incorporate springtime color into your home.

Moss Accents

decorate for spring

Moss inspired figurines, planters and baskets add a bright springtime look to any setting. Moss figures can add whimsy to tables while moss planters can add a spring touch to porches. While moss isn’t for everyone, it definitely is abundant in spring decor everywhere.

Sparkling Lights

String lights are perfect year round, but when you decorate for spring, you can really highlight the bright colors and florals within your home. If you have silk flowers in a vase, string lights look stunning at the base of the arrangement.

Bright Greenery

decorate for spring

Flowers aren’t for everyone. Potted plants are everyone’s new best friend, especially succulents. Potted plants last a lot longer than a bouquet and can help make the air quality in your home better. Springtime is the perfect time to add new plants into your home. The bonus, besides helping with air quality, is that plants are the newest decor item that people love. Add some plants to a side table or windowsill for an instant decor boost.

Easter Inspired

Some people love bunnies, eggs and all things Easter for spring. While it’s not for everyone, you can decorate your home with baskets, eggs and bunnies for springtime. If you love kitsch this is the perfect way to decorate for spring.

No matter how you want to decorate for spring, it’s still time to think about putting up your cozy blankets and brighten up your home. Now, hopefully Phil is right and brings on the sunshine!

decorate for spring