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January 31, 2019 4 min read

Looking to upgrade the decor of your wedding, event, or just your living space in general? One of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to take your decorating up a notch is to use plants as decor.

Greenery adds character and good vibes to any room, and it’s easy to incorporate - even if you’re lacking that coveted green thumb. Consider these eight creative ways to use plants as decor for your next decorating challenge.
  1. Use potted plants
Potted plants are so popular because they are easy to move and even easier to cultivate. If you’re planning on using plants for an event or home decor take advantage of the incredible varieties on offer. There are thousands of container-friendly species that you can adapt to fit any budget, style, or design plan.
Use Plants as Decor
  1. Weave some greenery
Natural greenery is a great way to decorate any event at anytime of the year. In the winter, you can use cedar or balsam boughs to add a rustic, classic touch to your holiday soiree. When the weather warms, consider other weavable fillers like myrtle or ivy.
Use Plants as Decor
  1. Appreciate native plants
The most natural way to incorporate plants in your event or home decor is to consider what will look the most seamless and effortless. Whenever possible, select in your area. You will enjoy the of native plants compared to the work required to keep exotic plants alive, and your environment will be more visually appealing, too.
Use Plants as Decor
  1. Add floor plants
Floor-dwelling plants are a great way to add style and texture to your event. Consider adding some freestanding plants or small, container-bound trees to your decor. This option can be highly versatile, allowing you to add an accent to a low-lying shelf or even to an empty corner. You can add other finishing touches, like string lighting, to help elevate your wedding or other event even further. When selecting your plants, make sure there is plenty of lighting where you plan to use them. This is especially important if you will be placing the plant in a dimly light corner. Remember that a floor plant should make sense in terms of scale, too. If you have a floor plant that is so tall that it is touching the ceiling, it may not fit among the rest of the lower-lying decor at your event.
Use Plants as Decor
  1. Don’t forget about cut flowers
Cut flowers are a short-term solution to a decorating situation, but they require minimal maintenance and time to assemble. You won’t need to worry about keeping a plant alive, plus you can arrange a bouquet in a to fit on your table exactly as it needs to at any given moment. Plus, if you want to change up your decor at any point, cut flowers offer a budget-friendly solution. You won’t have to expend too much effort since they will likely die back by the time you're ready to change up the look anyway. If you want an everlasting arrangement, also look great in a variety of decor styles!
Use Plants as Decor
  1. Succulents count
A plant is a plant, even if it requires minimal water. are a great way to go if you are not blessed with a green thumb or time to spare on taking care of plants. If you want a live plant for your or home decor, but don’t want the hassle involved in keeping it alive, a cactus or another succulent is a great way to go. Not all succulents are green and spiky, meaning you can use different colors and textures to suit the style of your decorating palette.
Use Plants as Decor
  1. Make a hanging garden
A wall garden allows you to bring a splash of greenery to any setting - even if you’re tight on space. Consider making one of these eye-catching focal points on a wall or trellis, or hang a basket of plants from a hook. This will allow you to incorporate natural beauty without having to give up your space.
Use Plants as Decor
  1. Don’t sacrifice function over form
Just because you’re trying to make a design statement doesn’t mean you have to be totally impractical. Many functional plants have culinary purposes, such as herbs and fruit trees, yet can also make a major splash when it comes to your decorating. Consider flowering plants or like lavender and marigold, which not only can be used in the kitchen and for decorating but can also help keep pests at bay during an outdoor event.
use plants as decor
It is incredibly easy to use plants as decor! They are timeless and go with every style of decor and home. Maybe you like more colorful plants. Maybe you like a lot of greenery. Either way you can find the perfect type of plant to use in your decor. This article was coauthored with the help of Meredith Hale. Meredith Hale is a gardening and landscape writer, and design addict. She has coordinated the design on many house flipping projects, admitting that her favorite part is creating inspired outdoor spaces.