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November 22, 2022 3 min read

What Should You Look For in an Energy-Efficient Wedding Venue?


Everyone has priorities when it comes to planning their weddings. Some brides desire a green wedding to match their sustainable lifestyle, but how can you make that happen? Start by looking for an energy-efficient wedding venue.


You can easily spot them by looking for these factors while browsing websites or touring properties.

1. Green Energy Sources

Drawing electricity from a green energy source is the most significant way for a wedding venue to be energy efficient. If the entire property gets its electricity from solar panels or a local wind turbine farm, anything that uses electricity on your wedding day will have a small carbon footprint.


Recent data shows that nearly 20% of the U.S. runs on renewable energy, so you’ll find green venues with a bit of searching.

2. Energy-Efficient Windows

You might not think about windows when you picture sustainable venues, but they’re an essential part of green properties. Modern windows utilize special glass, glazes and sealants to maintain a building’s temperature more efficiently.


Given the fact that heat gain and heat loss are responsible for 25% to 30% of heating and cooling energy use, energy-efficient windows are an important feature of green venues.

3. Certified Electric Appliances

When touring a potential wedding venue, look closely at the appliances. They might have stickers that verify their energy efficiency. If they aren’t certified, the devices are likely outdated and use technology that doesn’t optimize electricity usage.


Since you’ll need them to host your reception meal and keep drinks cool, they’re essential to your sustainable wedding day.

4. LED Light Fixtures

In addition to green fixtures like low-flow faucets that conserve water during activities such as washing dishes, your future wedding venue should also become greener by using light-emitting diode (LED) lights. LED bulbs are better than traditional incandescents because when they consume electricity, they use 95% of it to emit light and only 5% to radiate heat.


Ask the managers of your favorite venues if they use LED bulbs for parking lot lights, outdoor flood lights and indoor light fixtures. They’re available at almost any store that sells lightbulbs, so they’re an easy way to make a venue energy-efficient.

5. Expansive Windows

Turning off lights and keeping them off is a simple way for buildings to use less electricity. See if your favorite venues have bigger windows than others. Larger windows allow more natural light in every room, which minimizes how heavily people rely on electric lights. It also creates a better environment for photos since natural lighting is less harsh on camera lenses.


If you fall in love with a venue but it has small windows, the management team isn’t going to start renovations just for one client’s wedding. However, you can discuss the possibility of hosting your big day in the venue’s outdoor space instead. You’ll use much less electricity due to the abundant sunlight and still get to use the property you love.

6. Smart Thermostats

Inquire about a venue’s thermostats when you’re corresponding with the manager. They might point out how they use smart thermostats to use electricity more effectively. Traditional thermostats use a single temperature reader to turn the HVAC fans on or off, making it use more electricity than necessary when other rooms are already at an optimum temperature.


A recent study found installing a smart thermostat reduced electricity usage by 11.5% because it monitored outdoor weather conditions and indoor human activities. The simple change makes a positive difference in a venue’s carbon footprint. Property managers who want to demonstrate their environmental commitment will likely use them.

Find an Energy-Efficient Wedding Venue

These are a few factors that make some wedding venues more energy-efficient than others. If you find them on the properties you prefer, you can feel confident that your ceremony and reception will have a minimal impact on the planet.