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December 02, 2022 3 min read

Honeymoon Planning 101: 7 Things You Need to Know



After weeks or months of working on your wedding, escaping everything with a romantic honeymoon sounds like a dream. Make that dream a reality by checking out everything you need to know about honeymoon planning. You’ll pull everything together and create fantastic memories without extra stress.

1. Pick a Destination You Both Love


You and your partner should enjoy your honeymoon equally. It’ll be challenging to do that if only one person likes your destination. Talk with your partner about what kinds of places they look forward to when they want a vacation.


While sitting down for a date with your partner, discuss traveling to popular places for couples like Bora Bora, the Maldives or Maui. You might also find that you’d both enjoy a mountainside retreat or a desert getaway even more. A quick conversation ensures you’ll pick the best place to start your married life.

2. Book Everything Early


Some destinations have busier travel seasons and those seasons may happen around your wedding date. Booking your transportation and lodging as early as possible will help you avoid upcharges and overbooked venues. You’ll also have time to consider things like flight insurance, which will replace any canceled tickets and insure your luggage. These extra steps could make your honeymoon more enjoyable by circumnavigating possible complications.

3. Create a Separate Travel Budget


You likely have a wedding budget that helps you make each decision about your big day. It helps to have a travel budget for your honeymoon too. After deciding where you’ll go, consider what you’ll do with your time and where you’ll eat. You can always stretch your budget by finding hacks to save money, like researching free local activities and clearing your cookies to reduce ticket prices.

4. Consider What You’ll Wear


It’s never fun to leave for vacation and realize you didn’t pack enough clothes. It’s also costly to buy an entire suitcase of new outfits while you’re in a rush. Plan clothes for each day of your honeymoon and write everything you’ll need in a list. You won’t forget anything, so you’ll have more money to spend on adventures. It could also help you feel more confident about your wedding planning because you’ll get to check your honeymoon off your to-do list.

5. Streamline Your Packing


You can also make your luggage easier to carry by streamlining your packing with a minimalist approach. Decide what outfits you’ll wear while you’re away to make your capsule wardrobe alongside travel essentials. You won’t accidentally bring anything you won’t use. It saves on luggage fees and makes your belongings easier to fit in your getaway car.

6. Forget Any Time-Crunching Deadlines


People often dream about leaving their reception, jumping on a plane and flying to a honeymoon destination straight out of a movie. Although that could be dreamy, it isn’t always possible for every couple.


You might need time to rebuild your savings account after paying for wedding expenses. Maybe you can’t get away from your jobs immediately or you’d rather visit your destination during another travel season. If you’re feeling pressured to honeymoon immediately, try brushing it off your shoulders. You can honeymoon months or years after your big day and it’ll be more fun when the timing is right for your needs.

7. Contact a Travel Agent


Sometimes honeymoon planning is too overwhelming. You might not naturally enjoy planning things or feel too exhausted while handling your wedding details. Travel agents can take everything off your plate.


Contact local travel agents to meet with them and find out what they charge for planning honeymoons. They’ll have likely created trips to your preferred destination for past clients and already have partnerships for special discounts. You may spend extra money to have them handle your trip, but you could also save money with their insider knowledge. It’s something to consider if you get too stressed while putting everything together.

Start Planning Your Honeymoon


Now that you’ve read the basics of honeymoon planning, it’s time to start daydreaming. Chat with your partner while browsing vacation destinations online. You’ll figure out the perfect way to spend your time, no matter when your getaway happens.