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July 11, 2018 1 min read

From 101 Wedding Bouquets by Florist ReviewHand-tied SpringCasual clustersSmall blossoms are more impacting when arranged in clustersThis charming lavender mix, excellent for almost any style of springtime event, comprises roses, Saponaria, Nigella , waxflower and more. The hand-gathered design, given a slightly untamed appearance by the Nigella, has a casual, carefree feel but the pretty Dior-style bow embellishes the bouquet for evening or formal affairs. Greatest impact is achieved by clustering the small-blossomed materials, such as the wax flower and Saponaria, into bunches and adding them t the design, which is bound with waterproof tape. Ribbon, held in place by corsage pins, conceals the tape. The wide Dior-style bow finishes the creation with flair.
DIY: How to make a Wedding Bouquet - Casual Clusters
1. Remove foliage from the lower ends of the stems. Group the smaller materials into bunches and add the bunches into the design.
DIY: How to make a Wedding Bouquet - Casual Clusters
2. Bind the hand-tied gathering with waterproof tape. Conceal the tape with a band of satin ribbon. Secure the ribbon with corsage pins.
DIY: How to make a Wedding Bouquet - Casual Clusters
3. Tie a flat, Dior-style bow. Bind the bow with a chenille stem and add the center knot. Attach the bow to a wood pick and insert the bow.