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July 11, 2018 3 min read

One of the best ways to show your friends and family how much you appreciate their time and support is to give them a favor they will absolutely love. If you want to say thanks after a wedding or event, or if you’re looking to create some homemade gifts for the holidays, these simple and useable favor ideas are our top picks!

  • Spread the Love

    Work some variety into your favors by filling small jars with jam, honey, or apple butter! This is one treat your guests will love because they can pick a certain flavor or spread that they like best and think of you when they use it. Personalize your jars with labels to commemorate the occasion, and decorate them with a little ribbon, lace, or raffia. Photo via Rustic Wedding Chic

Top 9 Wedding Favor Ideas

  • Cookie Favor Boxes

    Cookies are another favorite your guests are sure to love. Fill several apothecary jars with a selection of your top picks, and leave some takeout boxes for guests to pack up and take home. Incorporate your own family recipes to make the display a little more special. Photo via Wedding Bee

Top 9 Wedding Favor Ideas

  • Lavender

    Lavender is a classic, simple, and elegant favor for just about any occasion. Fill a small Mason Jar or canister with Ultra Grade Lavender, or give this gift a twist by making your own lavender scrub or sugar. Photo via The Every Last Detail

Top 9 Wedding Favor Ideas

  • Coffee Favors

    Coffee and tea are wonderful, gender-neutral favor ideas. Fill a pint-sized Ball Jar with a local blend, or pack up an assortment of coffee beans if you know some of your friends prefer their brew extra bold! Pack jars with loose leaf tea, or use tea bags to make your own custom blend for your special occasion. Photo via DIY Network

Top 9 Wedding Favor Ideas

  • Homemade Soap

    One of the best useable and eco-friendly favors you can make is homemade soap. Mix some of your favorite dried flowers, like chamomile, or essential oils together with a Castile base, and let the mixture set in soap molds for 4 hours. All you have to do is pop the soap out and tie it with some ribbon! Use peppermint oil for a holiday favor, or dried orange rind for a colorful presentation. Photo via Fab You Bliss

Top 9 Wedding Favor Ideas

  • Place Card Ornaments

    If you’re planning a winter wedding, this is a great idea you can DIY… and finish your place cards or escort cards at the same time! Take a pack of gold or silver topped glass ornaments and decorate them however you want. Fill them with colorful ribbon, fake snow, glitter, or add a personal message for the recipient. Photo via Bridal Guide

Top 9 Wedding Favor Ideas

  • Lip Balm

    Lip balm is also an excellent favor for a winter event. Fill plastic tubes and metal tins with different colors and flavors of your own homemade lip balm. This is one gift that your guests will appreciate because they can use it year-round! Photo via Something Turquoise

Top 9 Wedding Favor Ideas

  • Succulents

    Living wedding favors are a unique and usable gift that your guests can cherish for many years. These little arrangements can also be used as escort cards and are easy to put together! Take a bunch of small galvanized buckets or tiny paint cans, fill them with potting soil, and plant a succulent, flower, or tree sapling right in the middle. Attach cards using clothespins. Photo via A&B Style

Top 9 Wedding Favor Ideas

  • Miniature Pies

    Dessert is always a good idea! Grab a few Wide Mouth 8oz Ball Jars and line them with pie crusts. Make an assortment of pies from cherry to banana cream, or if your event is around a certain holiday, make pumpkin pie or cranberry apple. These perfectly proportioned treats will cater to a range of preferences and are a great alternative to cake and candy. Photo via The Nerd's Wife

Top 9 Wedding Favor Ideas