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July 11, 2018 3 min read

Weddings, in general, are a big deal. Your wedding is the biggest deal as it is likely your one chance to show off your immaculate taste. The day is all about you, so make it yours. It can be difficult to decide how to embellish your outdoor ceremony aisle or receptions chairs without going gaudy-over-the-top. To help you out, we have gathered a few ideas to help you hone in your personal style and create stunning decorations for your special day.

  • Tulle Twist

    This gauzy fabric exudes elegance, and makes for a stunning, understated display. For these heavenly wedding chairs, utilize ivory tulle. Wrap this voluminous material around the chair back, and tie it with satin ribbon. For a final accent, attach a pink millinery flower to the tie to add a bit of texture. Photo from Style Me Pretty.

Top 7 Wedding Chair Decorations

  • Easy and Breezy

    This wedding chair idea is perfect for a beach ceremony. It is quite easy to assemble, and incorporates whimsical color into your decorations. For this particular look, use wide ribbon in pastel shades such as soft green, blush, soft pink, light turquoise, and peach. Tie or attach to the top of the chairs along your aisle, and enjoy the laid-back ambiance these streamers bring. Photo from Style Me Pretty.

Top 7 Wedding Chair Decorations

  • Country Charm

    If you are craving homespun, rustic details at your wedding, these texture-rich bows are the perfect addition to your ceremony chair décor. To recreate this decoration, utilize a long, wide strip of burlap and lay a wide strip of lace ribbon atop. Tie both into a thick bow around the backing of your aisle chair, and place a bunch of dried baby’s breath behind the knot for a charming accent. Photo from Confetti Daydream

s. Top 7 Wedding Chair Decorations

  • Natural Glory

    It can be difficult to incorporate greenery into your wedding decor. Use this wedding decoration idea to add a luscious, vibrant accent to your ceremony aisle. Sling preserved or faux leafy garlands over the chairs flanking your pathway. Try pairing an artificial boxwood or magnolia leaf garland with a cut silk jasmine lei for a spruced up chair embellishment. Photo from The Knot.

Top 7 Wedding Chair Decorations

  • Chalkboard Chairs

    Add a unique aspect to your sweetheart table with these darling message boards. Write a loving note to your new spouse on a hanging chalkboard, and have them write something special for you on another. Or, for a clever and oh-too-cute wedding chair decoration, write the lyrics of your favorite love song on each of the boards. Hang them over the chairs at your dinner table with eucalyptus branches for added texture. You can use chalk markers to get a smooth and seamless look. Photo from Style Me Pretty.

Top 7 Wedding Chair Decorations

  • Radiant Wreaths

    For a ruggedly romantic outdoor wedding ceremony, festoon a couple of the chairs along your aisle with heart-shaped grapevine wreaths. Suspend these wreaths by using pink ribbon loops to suspend it from the chair posts. Garnish these simple wreaths with preserved roses and silver broom bloom bouquets. These wedding chair decorations are sure to delight your guests and bring a romantic atmosphere to your day. Photo from Brides of Adelaide.

Top 7 Wedding Chair Decorations

  • Sparkling Splendor

    This simple, elegant wedding chair idea is sure to catch the eyes of your guests. This homemade vase can be put together easily with a mason jar, twine, and preserved, powdery flowers. Begin by tightly wrapping earthy twine around the neck of a wide mouth mason jar, and tying it into a hanging loop. Pour water into the jar, and fill with vibrant caspia branches and white roses. Hang several of these charming ornaments over the backs of the chairs lining your aisle. Photo from Style Me Pretty.

Top 7 Wedding Chair Decorations