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July 11, 2018 2 min read

Ribbon Napkin Rings and Decorative Pressed Flower Plates

Create a springtime, fall, winter holiday event with these easy to make ribbon napkin rings and pressed flower plates. Change your flowers and colors with the season. Perfect for a bridal shower or engagement luncheon party.Each setting features flowers under glass.MaterialsFor each napkin ring


1. Wrap the wired ribbon around a length of dowel or paper towel tube. Fasten with a clothespin

2. Gather the sheer wired ribbon by pulling the wire from both ends at the same time. Tie the wire ends to the wired ribbon between the clothespin and dowel or tube.

3. Tie the ends of the wired ribbon in a bow. Cut the ribbon tails in a V shape. Remove the dowel or tube and place a napkin in the loop.

Decorative Luncheon Plates.

The glass plates are fun and easy to do. Place a lace doily (either cloth or paper in the center of a clear glass plate. Arrange a few fresh or silk flowers and leaves on top of the doily. You can also twist some ecotwistribbon through the flowers if you like. Add a few blades of grass for the stems. There are also some beautiful preserved flowers and flower petals in thenaturals section that you can place under the clear base plate. Place another glass plate on top. The top plate should be a clearplate so your can see the pressed flowers. Place non matching teacups (the kind you find in second hand shops) around the table and fill with fresh flowers. For different seasons you change the look. Example in tthe fall do the same with fall colors and place autumn leaves under the plate. In the winter place evergreen and tinsel under the plate. You can also use freeze dried rose petal or silk flower heads to place under the clear base plates.