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November 03, 2020 2 min read

Anytime you leave your home for an extended period, you need to make arrangements. Your honeymoon is no exception. However, in your excitement to take off with your new spouse, it’s natural to overlook things.

Please check and double-check the following items so that you can enjoy your love getaway stress-free.

1. Your Locks

If your wedding falls during a spell of pleasant weather, you might accidentally leave a window open — but doing so could destroy hardwood floors. Wood’s cellulose fibers soak up water like a sponge, and you need to remove standing liquid with a shop-vacuum immediately to prevent warping, damage and potential mold growth.

Did you remember to shut your garage door? What if you could check whether you did while awaiting your flight or from the other side of the world? WiFi openers empower you with a smartphone app so that you can check the status of your doors and locks from anywhere.

2. Appliance Shutoffs

Did you know that plugged-in appliances leach energy like vampires even when not in use? Unplug all TVs and computers before you go to save on electric bills and protect the planet.

Of course, you want to turn off your stove, oven and coffee maker. Don’t shut down your water heater — doing so could lead to freezing and damage. Turn it down to 50 or 55 degrees and leave a faucet at the opposite end of your house dripping to prevent frozen pipes.

3. Your Pet Prep

calculator and notepad

If Fifi is flying to Tahiti with you, you still need to make sure she has her food and medications. However, most pet parents choose to leave their beloved animals behind.

Even if you only plan to spend a few days away, it pays to hire a pet sitter to check in on your fur babies. Your dog still benefits from a walk even if they have an indoor-outdoor run to do their business, and you’ll enjoy your trip knowing that your pets are in loving hands.

4. Your Bank Account 

Did you know that your bank may freeze your checking account if they suddenly see foreign transactions? While they do so for your protection, that knowledge is cold comfort if you’re stuck in Dubai without a way to pay for your dinner.

Contact your bank and credit card companies and ask them to notate your account with your travel plans. It’s also wise to carry cash and travelers’ checks — just in case someone in their accounting department overlooks the memo.

Check These Four Essentials Before Departing on Your Honeymoon

You don’t want to spoil your post-wedding getaway with worries and stress. Check the above-four items before going on your honeymoon and enjoy your time away.