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October 27, 2020 2 min read

You want to preserve your wedding keepsakes, and that means maintaining your bridal gown. You also want other, smaller souvenirs in pristine condition so you can show them off to the grandkids.

With that in mind, how do you go about cleaning sensitive wedding clothes? This brief guide can help.

1. Spot-Clean That White Dress

That whole idea of avoiding food or drink until after the ceremony? It disappeared the minute you saw your Aunt Edna’s brownie tray, and now you have a chocolate smudge marring your white gown. So what to do? 

Before your big day, gather the following supplies and keep them handy: 

  • A set of white cotton towels or cloths.
  • A stain-remover stick.
  • White soap.
  • White or off-white chalk.
  • Baby powder.
  • A sewing kit with double-sided tape.

Attack that brownie smudge by cleaning it with plain white soap and a damp white cotton cloth. Spot-treat it with a stain remover stick, and, if necessary, follow with a bit of chalk or baby powder to blend any remaining discoloration. If you have a bouffant skirt, you can use double-sided tape to hide the stain in a fold. 

2. Care for Your Accessories 


You also want to preserve your accessories — maybe your beau rented a tux but added personalized headgear. How do you get the sweat stains out of a white hat? 

While some fabrics stand up to machine washing, it’s best to do what you can by hand. You can use distilled vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to spot-treat stains. A bristled brush can remove surface dirt if you don’t press too hard, and you should always wipe the interior band free from sweat after use. 

3. Keep Sweat Stains to a Minimum 

Perspiration doesn’t only stain your headgear. How do you keep it from making an unsightly mess of your ensemble if you have an outdoor affair and temps soar higher than expected? 

If you tend to sweat the minute temperatures climb over 70 degrees, you might consider getting Botox for excess perspiration before your big day. While it’s a relatively costly procedure, the sting fades far more quickly than armpit stains. At a minimum, invest in an industrial-strength antiperspirant. 

4. Manage After-Care and Preservation 

To maintain your dress and other accessories for posterity, you should call a professional. Start with a trip to the dry cleaners if you prefer to DIY. Then, get an acid-free storage bag or container to keep your gown in a dry, cool place, such as under your bed or in your closet. 

Remember to use a padded hanger. Your wedding dress is probably heavy, and you’ll risk shoulder dents if you don’t. Avoid placing your garment in an attic, garage or basement — the high humidity in these areas can lead to damage. 

Make Cleaning Sensitive Wedding Clothes a Snap With These Tips 

You don’t need much expertise to keep your sensitive wedding clothes clean. Use this guide to preserve the pristine.