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June 08, 2021 2 min read

Who said that a tuxedo was mandatory on your big day? Of course, you can go with a traditional look, but why not embrace something more representative of your own style? The only one making the rules on your wedding day, after all, is you.

With that in mind, here are four fun tux alternatives for the groom.

1. Uniform Tradition

You always have the option of wearing a full ceremonial uniform if you serve or have served in the military. If you are an officer, though, you should reserve such garb for a white-tie affair.

If you choose this option, you must adhere to the unique regulatory standards of your branch concerning hairstyle and accessories. Groomsmen, for example, may not have boutonnieres pinned to your uniforms, although brides who dress in uniforms may still carry a bouquet. 

2. Leather and Lace

Did you meet your partner in a biker bar? Perhaps you and your mate live for nothing more than hitting the open road with your Harley on the weekends. If so, why not incorporate your favorite pastime into your wedding theme?

A properly fitting leather jacket looks every bit as nice as a tuxedo version. Ensure that yours does by measuring the sleeve length, chest, waist and back so that it hangs like a glove.

3. “Miami Vice” Casual

couple in field

Take a ride in the “way back” machine and recall the 1980s. One of the biggest hit shows featured detectives clad in casual linen pants, sports jackets and shoes without socks.

You can make your wedding day look more casual — doing so is ideal for seaside and other outdoor venues. You can even roll your white flannel trousers as you stroll the beach to meet your mermaid at the altar at long last.

4. A Little Cosplay

Are you having a themed wedding? If you plan a proper Shire wedding worthy of Samwise and Rosie, why not dress the part? You decide if you want to leave your furry “Hobbit” feet bare.

You can create an innovative cosplay costume if you don’t have one already. Best of all, you can coordinate your look with your bride — unless you don’t want the reveal before your big day.

Consider These Fun Tux Alternatives for the Groom

While a tuxedo represents the traditional wedding attire, it isn’t your only choice. Consider one of these fun alternatives.