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June 03, 2021 3 min read

Every couple deserves time away from their busy lives. Whether you want to celebrate your honeymoon or plan your next adventure, sailing vacations for couples are the best way to find peace and seclusion. Check out why they make the perfect romantic getaway and how you can plan your next voyage to beachfront dinners and international sightseeing.

What Is a Couples’ Sailing Trip?

Couples’ sailing trips aren’t your usual boating adventure. Instead of climbing into a small ship meant for an afternoon of fishing, you’ll pack a few bags and spend a week or more on a gorgeous boat. You’ll sleep in a luxury cabin with plenty of room for all of your favorite activities. You’ll also have complete privacy away from packed hotels and busy tourist attractions.

What Is the Difference Between Charters and Yachts?

Charters and yachts are the two most popular choices for a perfect romantic getaway. Unless you already know about boats, you might not know the difference between the two. Check out the unique experiences you can have on each ship so you know what you’ll experience while you’re out on the water.

What Type of Charter Is Best?

These are the most popular charter boats for couples who want to have a relaxing escape from the world.


Some charters come with an entire crew. You and your partner will be the only passengers on board, but you’ll have a captain, chef and deckhands ready to make your time more enjoyable. Gourmet meals and housekeeping are the perfect addition to any trip.


Couples with experience sailing a vessel can hire a bareboat charter. You’ll sail and fuel the boat on your own, which will add costs to your trip unless the ship uses a hydrogen generator and is one of the latest energy-efficient designs. Your journey will be entirely customizable and in your control.


Skippered charters are the optimal balance between bareboat and full-crewed boating trips. You’ll hire a skipper to sail around your destinations, but you’ll be in charge of cooking and cleaning.

What Type of Yacht Is Best?

Every couple should also learn about different types of yachts before deciding on their perfect romantic getaway. Check out the most popular vessels for people who want time alone on the sea.

Motor Yacht

Motor yachts use powerful engines to reach a 20-knot cruising speed and carry people across the water in a multi-stateroom ship. They’re easily customizable so you can find however many rooms you need to get the most from your trip.

Gulet Yachts

Anyone who wants to travel with their favorite friends and their partners should consider a gulet yacht. They’re massive ships with multiple floors, huge sails and typically four to eight cabins.


Catamarans come in many different sizes, but they often carry couples to the world’s most romantic destinations. One couple docks theirs next to cruise ships and visits new countries throughout the year.

Sailing Yacht

The most adventurous couples can book a trip on a sailing yacht. You’ll get a hands-on navigational experience while delighting in the luxurious amenities above and below deck.

Enjoy Sailing Vacations for Couples

The best sailing vacations for couples take place on different kinds of yachts and charter boats. Your choice depends on your existing skills and interests. Think about what you want to experience out on the water and you’ll find a perfect romantic getaway anywhere with a dock.