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March 02, 2021 2 min read

You’ve put a ton of time and thought into planning the perfect post-wedding getaway. Don’t let trouble on the homefront interrupt your vacation.

Make sure to check the following items before going on your honeymoon and spare yourself potential headaches.

1. Window and Door Security

You don’t want to return from your honeymoon to discover someone broke into your home. If you have a home security system, test your glass break and entry sensors to ensure they work. Some models even let you check the lock status from your smartphone for added peace of mind.

If you meant to get around to replacing that sagging garage door “someday,” please try to do so before you leave. Burglars look at such damage as an open invitation to help themselves to your possessions.

2. Your Thermostat and Water Heater

To save money and the planet, you should turn your thermostat down, but not off, before you depart. You should leave it set at approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your pipes from freezing.

Likewise, don’t turn off your water heater. Instead, leave one faucet dripping to further prevent freezing from sudden cold snaps.

3. Your Mail Delivery Status

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An overflowing mailbox declares, “nobody’s home.” That tells thieves where to strike.

Ask a friendly neighbor to pick up your mail and newspapers for you. If you don’t have anyone you trust, you can put in a vacation hold request with your local post office branch.

4. Your Arrangements for Children and Pets

Please remember the most important arrangements involve the living beings you leave behind, not your possessions. Please double-check all your arrangements for children and pets.

Once you find a babysitter you can trust, ensure they have a copy of your itinerary and all of your contact details. Review things such as who to contact in case of a medical emergency. Go over your pet’s routine with your sitter and show them where to find things like thunder shirts for comfort.

Check the Following 4 Things Before Going on Your Honeymoon

When you and your love depart on your post-nuptial getaway, you want to feel relaxed peace of mind. Please make sure to check the following four things before going on your honeymoon.