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February 25, 2021 2 min read

After watching your ceremony and enjoying a lovely dinner, your wedding guests might need a little pick-me-up. They can’t jump on the dance floor if they’re too tired from glasses of wine and a long day of celebration. These are eight ways to serve coffee at your wedding so everyone can get a little boost when they need one.

1. Offer Different Flavors

People are very particular about how they prepare their coffee, so personalization is key to making everyone happy. Offer different flavors with bottles of syrup. Caramel, french vanilla and chocolate syrups are just a few places to start with your search for the most popular coffee syrups.

2. Rent a Coffee Cart

Renting a coffee cart from a locally owned cafe gives back to the community and provides a hangout spot for your guests. A cafe employee will serve fresh brews all night long, assisting your post-reception digestion so everyone feels sluggish after the big meal.

3. Make an Iced Blend

Summer weddings don’t have to feel left out of the coffee fad. You could create a chocolate iced mocha that doubles as dessert for reception guests who want to cool off with something sweet.

4. Set Up Coffee Pods

Simplify your wedding planning by setting up a Keurig and coffee pods. Get a variety box of different flavors and caffeine strengths to make prep time fast and simple.

5. Order Custom Cups

Plenty of businesses design custom coffee cups that make your reception more decorative. Add your new initials or a motif that matches your wedding theme so your coffee stand looks great in pictures.

6. Make an Antique Stand

If your venue doesn’t have a designated spot for coffee machines, bring some antique furniture. A chest of drawers from a local consignment shop would be a budget-friendly statement piece that you could bring home after your wedding day ends.

7. Design Coffee Sleeves

Just like custom coffee cups, you could make paper sleeves to keep guests comfortable. Their hands won’t get too hot holding their paper or plastic cups and they can turn them into to-go containers at the end of the night.

8. Pair Glasses With Donuts

When people drink coffee, they often crave something sugary. The combination of caffeine and sugar makes people feel great and has scientific research backing it up. Glucose and caffeine make people immediately smarter by revving neurological processes.

Your guests will crave a donut and coffee pairing on a cellular level and you’ll improve their mental health by giving them a sweet treat. Set up a donut wall next to the coffee machine or a plate of donut holes with toothpicks for quick snacking.

Give Your Guests the Gift of Coffee

There’s no way to go wrong with picking from these eight ways to serve coffee at your wedding. Your guests will appreciate the caffeine boost, a little snack and creative decor that pulls your coffee set up into your wedding theme. You’ll even enjoy bringing the leftovers home so you and your newly wedded spouse can sip the flavors while reminiscing about your big day.