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January 25, 2022 2 min read

Your pets are your family. You’d no more leave your precious poodle behind on your post-wedding holiday than you would your child. However, you have to tend to their needs and comfort. Keep the following four tips in mind when taking your pet on your honeymoon.

1. Choose Your Flight Carefully

Were you thinking of trying to pass off your pot-bellied pig as an emotional support animal to avoid paying extra pet fees on your flight? If so, you may need to reconsider your options. The FAA recently tightened its guidelines, limiting the designation to dogs only — not peacocks or parrots.

Other animals will need to travel in the cargo hold, which can have devastating consequences for your pet’s health. While it’s rare, some animals have died — you don’t want such a tragedy marring your big day.

One option is to book a private flight. While this route might sound pricey, it’s the best way to ensure your pet has the freedom to roam about the cabin and enjoy every luxury you do while in transit.

2. Or Consider Alternative Transportation

However, you do have other options besides flight for reaching your destination. If you’re an unapologetic crazy cat person, why not drive to your destination? You don’t necessarily need to take the family truckster.

You can rent recreational vehicles, often for less than you’d pay for a luxurious hotel room. However, if you and your new partner are dedicated travelers, you might consider investing in one. Doing so can save you money throughout your marriage — you have an instant vacation awaiting you in your driveway anytime you get the urge to hit the road.

3. Book the Perfect Lodging

woman and her dog

Some hotels allow pets — others go a step beyond. When booking your honeymoon suite, search for facilities with enclosed puppy areas where your doggo can run off-leash. You don’t always want to take them for a walk through an unfamiliar city at night.

Let your hotel know you intend to bring your pet. Some venues go the extra mile, providing treats and toys for your pup to make their stay more pleasant, too.

4. Plan Some Puppy Adventures

Your honeymoon might be all about romance, but you still need to ensure Fido gets adequate exercise. Why not plan some puppy adventures during your stay?

Your beloved pet will adore a romp on the beach or hiking through a rainforest. Even some cats enjoy a romp in the great outdoors, courtesy of special backpacks and leashes that keep them safe on the trail.

Taking Your Pet on Your Honeymoon

If your dog or cat is a part of your family, of course, you want them to join in the fun of your honeymoon. However, traveling with animal companions requires some additional considerations. Follow this guide for taking your pet on your honeymoon.