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January 26, 2022 4 min read

With the new year already underway, you may have a few goals and aspirations for a variety of areas in your life, including within your home. Whether you love your home already or you’re growing bored with your space, there are so many ways that you can spice things up for the new year.

Whether you want your entire space to feel like a brand-new home or you simply want to redecorate a little bit for the essence of something new, here are a few ways that you can easily bring a little bit more energy into your home.

1.  A Splash of Color

This might be the first line of defense that many people turn to, and it’s easy to see why. Color can be extremely powerful when redecorating, and even just a single coat of something new can make an entire space feel different.

If you want something to feel a little bit lighter, why not take things up a few shades? If you want to bring in a little bit more neutrality, go for a beige or tan. It’s all about your preferences and what you want to see when you look at your home.

2.  Decluttering

If you really want a space to feel completely clean and new, decluttering is the way to go. Even though this can take a little bit of effort, and you might not want to get rid of all of your things, having a clean space to come home to every day can make a huge difference.

This is exactly why people love going to Airbnbs and hotel rooms! The lack of clutter and personal belongings can actually feel extremely calming.

3.  Let the Light In

One way that you can make your home feel refreshed and refined is to let a little bit more light in. Natural sunlight can make a space feel open and inviting, as well as give you a hand in cutting that electricity bill down.

Although opening up the windows is an easy option for this, it isn’t always that simple. Sometimes, you want to add a little bit more space, or you simply don’t have the space for more windows. Try getting creative with options like replacing your door or installing a skylight. As long as you keep it clean and well maintained, this can be a perfect solution.

4.  Deep Clean

Although this one can be different from decluttering, it can often go hand in hand. By giving your entire space a deep and thorough clean, you can make your dwelling feel fresh and new, even if you aren’t changing all that much. Not only can this make you feel better about your space, but it can also be great for health and safety purposes.

5.  Feng Shui

Feng shui is the practice of creating balance through the energy of the design within your space. There are plenty of rules for feng shui that can come into play if you want to change up the energy. You don’t need to be a master to learn some of the basics and rearrange your furniture or your decor based on some of these principles. Try out different methods and see which ones you like best.

6.  New Decor

Sometimes, all you need to spice up your space a little bit more is some new decor that makes you excited. Whether you put up some new lights that really sparkle, get some new art to hang in your home, or even introduce a few new knick knacks to your space, adding some details that make you feel creative and refreshed can go a long way.

Every decor choice will be different depending on your style and budget, but you can do whatever feels best for you!

7.  Go Green

You’ve seen plant parents go crazy over their seedling babies before, and there’s a good reason why! Adding plants can make a place feel totally brand new and refreshed, so why not try it out? You can get started with a couple of plants and add on as you see fit.

8.  Change Up the Rooms

If you really want to shift some things around, why not try switching the layout of your house a bit? Try changing to a new bedroom or switching the dining room and living room! Not only can this bring a sense of newness to your home, but it can also let you try all-new arrangements to show off the features you already have.

New Year, New Home

There are so many ways to make your home feel as good as new for the coming year. Whether you feel like renovating a little bit and putting a splash of color on the walls, or you’d rather add some new decor or plants to spice up your space, there are so many things you can do to make a brand-new impression in the year ahead.