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January 18, 2022 2 min read

The job market has never been tougher. Finding a position that pays sufficient wages to cover today’s living expenses is downright difficult. You and your new spouse might be among those saying “no thank you” to substandard salaries and becoming entrepreneurs, either full time or on the side.

Here are four ideas for starting a small business with your partner.

1. Consider Your Skill Set

You’ll often enjoy the greatest success doing things you’ve already mastered. You can net a tidy income if you’re in the trades, particularly if your skill set is in high demand where you live. Right now, there’s a shortage in many construction industries, so you and your partner are in luck if you can swing a hammer.

2. Fill a Community Need

Have you ever watched any restaurant makeover shows? One of the things many hosts will do is tour the immediate area to determine shortages in particular cuisines and fill that need.

You and your partner can do the same when starting a successful small business. For example, if you notice your town lacks a full-service car wash and you have the capital to buy the facility and hire staff, you could start raking in money nearly immediately after opening.

3. Develop Engaging Content

man working on bike

The internet is a fountain of information — and it takes many people to add to that knowledge pool. If you and your spouse have the writing knack, why not consider starting a blog about one of your passions?

Maybe you’re a natural ham for the camera. If so, why not start a YouTube channel? One of you can perform while the other mans the camcorder and edits video. Whichever avenue you choose, the higher the quality of your content, the greater your potential success.

4. Get Crafty

Do you and your partner spend your weekends building better birdhouses or knitting afghans? You could fetch a pretty penny by selling your wares online.

Investigate how to start an Etsy shop with your partner. Another potential avenue is selling your products on Amazon.

Starting a Small Business With Your Partner

Decades of stagnating salaries and soaring costs have made the job market more competitive than ever. Many people have chosen to leave the rat race and embrace an entrepreneurial approach. If you and your new spouse feel similarly, heed the tips above to start a small business with your partner.