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November 24, 2020 2 min read

People like to say that weddings are all about the bride, but your groom should feel special, too. They can sometimes feel left behind in the planning and hosting duties if they’re not directly involved. Preparing a surprise for them is a thoughtful way to show you care.

So, where should you start? With a little inspiration. These creative ideas are bound to fill your husband-to-be’s heart with butterflies before he ever steps foot down the aisle.

1. Stitch a Secret Message

You don’t need to love sewing to stitch a secret message on the inside of your groom’s tie. As long as the thread doesn’t punch through the front side of the fabric, you can leave a message to make your future husband smile while he gets ready.

Think about what you want to say and learn to work with embroidery floss so your message lasts long after your honeymoon ends.

2. Prepare a Luxurious Breakfast

If you’ll wake up beside your fiance on your wedding day, find luxury breakfast recipes and whip them up while he’s still asleep. Breakfast in bed is always a treat and you can work through any pre-wedding stress with the therapeutic magic of baking.

3. Detail Their Car

bride and groom

Your fiance might treasure a classic car he rarely drives out of the garage. Ask if he’d like to drive it to the wedding so he arrives in style. The surprise will be a secret car wash before he reaches for his keys.

Cleaning a classic car is a bit different than washing a modern model. Research the year and and make of the car for tips on preserving the paint. After washing, use a clay bar to remove contaminants left by soap and finish with a bit of waxing so the car shines.

4. Help with Cold Feet

The concept of cold feet may seem a little intimidating, but you can use it to your advantage. Find personalized socks and give them as a surprise gift. Your fiance can wear them down the aisle and reuse them after your honeymoon.

5. Create Decorative Desserts

While you and your bridal party get ready for the ceremony, your fiance will wait in a separate room with their groom’s party. They won’t spend as much time prepping their hair and shining their shoes, so they’ll need plenty of snacks.

Before you leave home that morning, pack homemade wedding desserts to surprise your future husband. Use his favorite colors and flavors for a personalized tray of treats.

Consider His Interests

While you’re planning a surprise gift for the groom, think about what he loves. His interests will guide you to the best pre-wedding gifts, like cleaning his classic car or baking his favorite desserts.

They’re the perfect ways to express your love one last time before your ceremony!