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November 25, 2020 3 min read

Skincare routine is very important for everyone, no matter how old you are. However, you have to admit that sometimes you are too lazy and tired to give your skin a proper treatment every night before bed. 

With the big day coming up, you have to up your skincare game. You want to glow on those wedding pictures, without any spots in sight.

Clean and moisturize

This is something you should always do, not only before the wedding.  Clean your skin properly every time before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning. It's important to apply your creams and serums on clean skin regularly, to keep it fresh and moisturized. 

Stay hydrated

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The health of your skin depends on the condition of your organism. If you are healthy on the inside, your skin will show it. Drinking a lot of water will help you stay hydrated and your skin will be thankful. Hydrated body equals radiant skin. Keep that in mind and pour yourself another glass of water. 

Eat, sleep, exercise, repeat

It is time to forget about junk food for a while. “The moment on your lips, forever in the hips...and skin!” Unhealthy food will not do you good. Poor diet causes most of the  skin issues. Choose a healthy diet instead and your body and face will look outstanding.

Add work-out routine to that for faster results. Not only will you look better, but you will also feel much happier, since exercising releases endorphins. 

Get enough sleep. Tiredness reflects on your skin, you can get dark circles around your eyes. Beauty sleep is much needed right now. 

Also, avoid stressful situations. Stress is one of the main causes of health disorders. It can also reflect on your skin, hair and nails. So, organize your wedding without any rush or nervousness, if you want to look pretty on the big day. Find some things that make you calm, such as joga or meditation, and practice them. 

Ditch your vices

Avoid alcohol for a few months. Drink freshly squeezed juices for glowing skin and a fit body. If you have any other vices, such as smoking or being addicted to sugar, it is time for a change.  Benefits of a sugar detox are numerous and you will definitely enjoy your new body and glowing skin.

You can get the best makeup artist for your bridal look, but they can't cover unhealthy skin. If you don't look after your body and skin, it will definitely show. Makeup is just a final touch to make you look even more beautiful.  

Regular facials

Your beauty routine, especially if you use quality products, will help you a lot, but a professional hand can do wonders. Booking a regular facial treatment in a salon means that you will be treated by an expert with the best products you probably don't have at home. Also, it is a chance for you to relax and pamper yourself. 

Final touch

Eyebrows are so powerful, they can completely change your facial features. A lot of brides choose to get a set of new brows before the wedding. There are a lot of permanent makeup eyebrow treatments now, for different skin types and preferences and you can choose which one is for you. 

The reason for the popularity of these treatments is the natural outcome they provide. For example, with  microblading treatment, you will get bolder, fuller brows. Microblading mimics hairstrokes and it is perfect because it will not come off after the wedding. When you remove your bridal makeup after the wedding day, your new brows are still there. 

This cosmetic treatment is adored by a lot of brides-to-be. Make sure you book the treatment at least two months before the wedding. Microblading healing requires some time, and your brows will look amazing after it is over. 


If you want to look stunning on the most important day of your life, start preparing on time, which means months before the wedding. You will look better than ever and enjoy looking at those wedding photos.