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December 28, 2021 2 min read

Everyone looks forward to the reception when they attend a wedding. It’s their chance to enjoy a nice meal and catch up with their loved ones.

Choosing the right restaurant for your reception might feel intimidating, but you can use these tips to make the experience much more manageable.

1. Finalize Your Guest List

Your reception restaurant should have enough space for all of your guests, so finalize your list. Feeding twenty people requires less seating and dining space than feeding a hundred or more.

Once you have a general idea of how many people will attend your ceremony, scout restaurants near your venue to create a list of culinary options.

2. Map the Location

The ideal restaurant will be close to your ceremony venue. Otherwise, you may need to book group transportation in advance so nobody gets lost.

If the restaurant is only a few minutes away from your wedding venue and has enough parking spaces, your guests can also drive themselves after your ceremony ends.

3. Review the Menu

drinks at restaurant

The right restaurant for your wedding reception will have something for everyone’s dietary needs or preferences. After checking your guests’ RSVP cards for allergies, look for nourishing entrees with plant-based or gluten-free ingredients to satisfy everyone who attends your wedding.

4. Check Your Budget

The dreamiest venue won’t be as enchanting if it maxes out your wedding budget. See how much you can spend on your reception catering to narrow down your restaurant options.

You can always talk with the coordinator or chef about selecting economical protein options or ingredients to reduce your bill and still serve the foods you love.

5. Inquire About Younger Guests

Unless you want an adults-only wedding, your reception restaurant will need to know how many kids will attend your dinner. They’ll have to check their booster seat and high chair stock, along with how many supplies they’ll need.

You might also pick a restaurant off of your list that only serves people over 18, so double-check that kids are allowed before making your reservation.

Choose the Right Restaurant

While you’re handling the many details surrounding your wedding, don’t feel stressed about choosing the right restaurant for your reception. These tips will streamline the process so you’re all in good hands when you’re ready to eat after your ceremony.