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January 04, 2022 2 min read

Hanging out by the pool after your wedding is a fun way to celebrate your marriage. No one can resist relaxing by the sparkling water, but what else should you add to your planning schedule?

These are some of the top considerations for a poolside reception that’s safe and entertaining for everyone.

1. Use Those Lights

Inground pools will have at least one light built into the pool wall, so turn it on when the stars peek out from the night sky. Multicolored bulbs add a pop of color to any reception for brides who don’t want the party to end after sunset.

2. Make Your Guests Comfortable

People will need a little help staying comfortable outdoors during a spring or summer afternoon. Use your wedding program to make homemade fans for everyone to use during cocktail hour or their reception meal.

It’s a simple craft that’s easy to create, even on a tight budget. Don’t forget to provide other comfort necessities like water bottles and sunscreen.

3. Install Pool Alarms

poolside at sunset

You can’t keep an eye on the pool at all times, especially while mingling with your guests. Make your poolside reception a safer place by investing in alarms.

They work in aboveground and inground pools to monitor for subsurface activity when no one is supposed to be in the water. It could save the day if a child accidentally falls in or gets curious while nobody’s looking.

4. Plan a Few Games

If your guests want to bring their swimsuits, plan a few games they can play in the water. You'll maximize their fun while keeping the party going after your ceremony.

An inflatable volleyball net doesn’t require drilling brackets into the pool's concrete, while diving toys could start a few friendly races. Kids and adults alike will love the entertainment when they're not on the grassy dance floor.

Host a Great Poolside Reception

These are just a few considerations for a poolside reception that make wedding planning much more manageable. Write them into your planning checklist and you’ll have a romantic waterfront event without any extra hassle or stress.