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July 07, 2020 2 min read

You want every detail of your wedding to be perfect. Walking down the aisle in your gown is a fairy tale dream, but dancing in heels or shivering after dark is a nightmare. When should you bring a change of clothes for your wedding? And what should you consider when deciding? 

1. Dance the Night Away 

Most receptions include dancing, and if you can barely walk in heels, you could find yourself nursing blisters by night’s end. One change of clothing every bride should consider is a pair of sneakers or sensible flats to wear once the procession stops and the party begins. You can find many comfortable styles that won’t clash with shorter dresses that don’t hide your footwear beneath your skirt. 

2. Feast Without a Care 

You decided to go with an Italian-inspired pasta meal as the main course. Do you remember that first-date advice you received about opting for seafood instead? While you don’t have to alter your menu, you might not want lasagna sauce to mar your $3,000 gown. You could go with an oversized bib, but it’s more sensible to slip into something more comfortable — and dark-colored — before the reception. 

3. Try to Stay Dry  

Are you planning on saying “I do” at sea? Nautical weddings are glamorous, but you need to take precautions like a pre-boarding safety check to keep yourself and guests secure. If you’ve chartered a large vessel, you may need to ride a smaller boat out to the ship — have you ever tried to board a canoe in a gown? Dress in comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting wet and get dressed once on board. 

4. Prepare for Changing Temperatures 

What venue did you select for your nuptials? If you live in a temperate climate, you know that freak rainstorms can put a damper on your hairdo and outfit. If you plan on an outdoor ceremony or reception, make sure you have a way to cover yourself if the sky opens unexpectedly. 

Maybe you’re planning an outdoor wedding amid the desert southwest’s spectacular scenery. The lack of humidity helps your hair hold a curl all day long. However, once the sun goes down, that dry air cools rapidly. A shawl or stylish throw can make the difference between mingling with guests at your reception or huddling by the fire pit shivering. 

5. Consider Your Honeymoon Travel 

As much as you might crave the envious stares of strangers, flying in your wedding gown is a hassle. If you plan to hop on a jet soon after exchanging your vows, make sure you keep a change of clothes out of your suitcase for a pre-boarding presto-chango. 

Know What Changes of Clothes to Bring on Your Big Day 
You want every detail of your wedding day to be perfect. Bringing a change of clothes is an item you don’t want to miss.