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July 02, 2020 2 min read

When you picture your wedding decor, you might imagine bouquets and strings of lights around your ceremony or reception area. While you can use those ideas to make your day look beautiful, many brides are starting to prefer crystals as their decoration of choice.

New-age beliefs teach that different kinds of gemstones can invoke special auras and healing properties. It can't hurt to include these well-meaning crystals in your big day, but you may not know what to do with them if crystals aren't part of your normal life.

Check out these tips to learn how to use crystals in your wedding for good vibes and memorable decor. They'll fit seamlessly into your theme and venue while making it a happier, more romantic day for everyone who attends.

1. Attach Them to Table Cards

Depending on where you look, you can find small crystals and gemstones in different shapes and colors. Find a variety bag or pick a crystal that holds a specific meaning you like. Attach them to your table cards that indicate each table's number or the name card in front of each seat at your reception. They'll add a little color and sparkle to your table settings and your guests can even take them home as favors.

2. Give Rose Quartz Gifts

Rose quartz is a crystal that can manifest new or returning love in people's lives. It's the perfect gemstone to associate with your wedding and it can also double as a gift for your bridal party. You can find rose quartz earrings, necklaces and even beauty rollers so everyone goes home with a little thank you gift that nourishes love and serenity.

3. Use Them as Centerpieces

Brides are also using crystals as their reception table centerpieces because they come in so many different sizes. Play with large, medium and small crystals at home to see what kind of placements you prefer. Depending on what you like, you can pick gems with specific properties or invest in what matches your wedding colors.

4. Promote Healing and Wellness

Gemstones can also promote healing and wellness for all your guests. You can read about different crystals that seem to aid mental as well as physical and emotional health and place them where guests will interact with them. A few gemstones as decor around your refreshment bar or buffet may ease those struggling to recover from addictions so they can fully enjoy your wedding celebration.

5. Pocket a Blue Crystal

Everyone's heard the phrase, "Something borrowed, something blue." Your blue something could easily be a crystal. Carry one in the pockets of your dress, inside your shoe or as a decorative hairpin so you don't break this tradition that brings good luck to the newly married couple.

Read About Crystal Properties

Crystals are lovely wedding decor, but you'll enjoy them even more if they have meanings. Read about different properties associated with common crystals so you can pick a few that bring good vibes and look beautiful. When your wedding looks great and the venue is full of positive vibes, everyone will have a great time!