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October 12, 2021 2 min read

After dancing the night away at your wedding reception, your honeymoon should celebrate your new marriage with all your favorite activities!

If you and your future spouse love outdoor adventures, you may want to think about vacationing where you can do more than lay on the beach or tour museums.

Read about these five honeymoon ideas that’ll get you closer to nature.

1. Visit a Stargazing Venue

Stars shine over every skyline, so looking at the constellations is the perfect outdoor honeymoon idea. Download an app that identifies galaxies and stars above you in real-time so you always know what you’re looking at. It’s a romantic way to spend your evenings during and after your first married vacation.

2. Go Hunting Together

You may have a shared history of hunting if you and your future spouse love connecting with nature while watching wildlife. Research your dream honeymoon destination to see if there are any hunting zones nearby. Then, go in the morning or evening when your chances of finding animals like deer are highest.

3. Plan the Perfect Camping Trip

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Camping is another one of the most popular honeymoon ideas to get you closer to nature. You can sleep in an RV or pitch a tent, depending on what you and your future spouse prefer. Before leaving home, consider where you’ll camp and what time of year it will be. If you’re camping in the cold, you’ll need to pack wisely so you don’t forget essential supplies like ice boot grips or an insulated tent.

4. Book a Boat Tour

Not sure where you’ll honeymoon? Look up places you can book a boat tour and see wildlife in their natural habitat. You could vacation where humpback whales breach the sea or elephant herds meander across the savannah. It depends on what you and your fiancé want to see while you’re away from home.

5. Pack a Picnic

Most travel destinations have places like public parks or hiking trails where people can unpack a picnic basket. Look for places around your honeymoon hotel or booked activities where you can eat a romantic picnic. You’ll love lounging with a great view of mountainous skylines or towering waterfalls, especially because picnicking won’t require a bigger travel budget.

Get Closer to Nature

Now that you’ve read a few honeymoon ideas to get you closer to nature, talk with your fiancé about how they’d like to spend their vacation time. You’ll come up with a few romantic activities, like camping or wildlife watching, that celebrate your love of nature and the start of your marriage.