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October 14, 2021 4 min read

A minimalistic living room as a way for decorating your home on a budget

It is possible to have a Pinterest-like home while on a budget. There are numerous ways you can revive any room in your house by doing some simple and cost-effective upgrades. Minor changes and updates can make a significant difference, either by DIYing or by decorating. So, stay tuned if you want to learn the secrets to decorating your home on a budget. They could range from the smallest ones, like different smells of a room, to some larger but economic ones, like repainting your interior.

Ideas for decorating your home on a budget

If you've just moved to a new apartment and want to give it a personal touch, you will be glad to know that you don't have to be a millionaire to upgrade your home. There are many impactful ways to help you with your decor. Of course, you can do some simple solutions, but some small repairs are important after you've just moved in. For instance, you might want to patch up the holes in the walls or fix the plumbing. It will help you settle into your new home while also ensuring your family is safe.

Tip 1: Repaint the walls to awaken the rooms

Jars of paint.

Painting a room is an easy, quick, and inexpensive way to instantly give any room a lift. You can go bold with an accent wall or intense shades, or you might prefer a more minimalistic approach.

You don't need to limit the choice to only whites, but you can opt for light gray or beige colors instead. 

Pro tip: You can also transform your kitchen or bathroom cabinets just by repainting them. 

Tip 2: Incorporate storage solutions in your decor

We can all agree that neatly organized shelves are more appealing than ones full of clutter. IKEA usually has a wide range of low-cost organizing ideas, boxes, and baskets.

It would be great if you get all the supplies that are matched by color. For instance, you could beautify any shelf or closet by color coordinating, which will add visual appeal.

Tip 3: Go for a minimalistic design

A minimalistic shelf and mirror

Less is more. It has always been this way. Firstly, with a minimalist look, you will instantly have less clutter. Secondly, you will create focal points in your home.

If you have children and are a minimalistic lover, try following the Montessori principle and keeping fewer minimalistic toys on show. Also, those wooden storage boxes we previously mentioned might be a great solution here.

Tip 4: Rearrange your furniture

Sometimes, all you need to change is the room's layout to make it more bright, open and renewed instantly. Of course, you don't need to move every piece of furniture around, just a few tweaks here and there, but that might be an option too.

This is another free way to make decorating your home on a budget a success. 

Tip 5: Update your soft furnishings with throws and cushions

A pale pink throw on a gray armchair.

Another way to get an uplifting effect to your room without having to buy a brand new sofa is to get decorative cushions, rugs, and throws. There are dozens of inexpensive cushions and throws out there, which will freshen up your design.

Tip 6: Use what you already own and upcycle it

Sometimes, you won't need to buy anything to restyle your home. Instead, you can choose to make the most of your existing pieces.

For example, you can take that old armchair from the attic and transform it with entirely new fabric. However, if you want to go for something less permanent, there are plenty of cover-on options to choose from.

Tip 7: Change the hardware

A golden tap on the sink

For a fast makeover, try replacing the handles, knobs, and other hardware throughout the house. It would be best if you had them matched.

Tip 8: Include some scents

The smell is a sense that can awaken wonderful feelings if it's mild and inviting. So having pleasant scents incorporated in your home will draw anyone's attention in a good way.

Fresh and clean fragrances are known to be more attractive and pleasant. So, if you consider trying this step, go for these fragrances that people enjoy:

  • orange or lemon;
  • pine or sandalwood;
  • lavender added to a spray bottle.

Tip 9: Put up a shelf

A simple shelf with two frames and a wreath.

You cannot go wrong with a simple shelf on your wall. You can use it to keep your favorite reads ready or display some photographs or decoration pieces you love.

Tip 10: Include fresh flowers in your decoration

Freshly cut flowers are an easy and affordable way to give life to your living space. Also, it doesn't have to be a big arrangement; a single flower will look great.

The takeaway from decorating your home on a budget

There are many savvy ways to help you in decorating your home on a budget and therefore bring more positive energy to it. From decluttering to upcycling old furniture, there are plenty of ways you can try and give your home your personal touch. Follow the simple tricks and tips we've shared with you to give your home a fresh perspective. Happy decorating!

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