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May 05, 2023 2 min read

Tiny Details for Your Big Day: 5 Creative Themes for Your Bridal Shower


Bridal showers are opportunities to daydream. You can make your celebration anything you want, which is much easier with a theme.


Check out these creative themes for your bridal shower to find the inspiration you need to start planning every last detail.

1. Fairy Tale Shower

Your true love might feel like a fairy tale, so why not make that your bridal shower theme? Pick a classic fairy tale you’ve always loved and decorate your venue with whimsical accents.


Ribbon banners, floral arrangements and sparkly decor will pull everything together before your guests arrive.

2. Charcuterie Board Party

If you can’t get enough charcuterie in your life, make it the theme of your bridal shower. Everyone could bring their own board to provide appetizers, entrees and desserts.


Someone could create a giant pretzel board, while another could bring a board covered in candy. You’ll only need to provide drinks to make your party perfect.

3. Air Hockey Night

Air hockey is simple and fun, so it’s the perfect game for a party. Rent or buy a few tables and provide finger food for everyone to enjoy between games.


While you’re planning your big air hockey night, remember to consider your venue’s size. Full-sized tables are 90 inches by 50 inches, but smaller models are available for smaller rooms.

4. 18-Hole Golf Competition

Find a golf course near your home or wedding venue and treat yourself to a day on the green. Your bridal shower guests can compete to see who wins at the last hole or just have fun getting from the tee to the cup.


Pack everything you’ll need, like a golf log notebook and an umbrella to protect yourself from sunburns. Sunscreen and water bottles may also be necessary if the weather is warm.

5. Relaxing Barbecue

Brides who want a relaxing atmosphere can always host a barbecue. Comfort food paired with your favorite people and beverages creates a low-stakes party environment. It’s perfect for anyone who loves southern comfort food or wants to feel less in the spotlight during their shower.


Don’t have a grill? Make your food with a grill pan or an indoor smoker. You could also order delivery to minimize your shower-prepping efforts.

Pick a Creative Bridal Shower Theme

Anyone can plan a bridal shower after browsing creative ideas for inspiration. Consider which ones match your personality, venue or wedding vibe to pick the best theme for your big celebration.