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May 16, 2023 2 min read

3 Points to Consider Before Buying a House With Your Partner


Buying a house with your significant other is an exciting change in your relationship. However, you have some things to think about before taking this major step. Here are three things to consider before you make your offer.

1. Have You Lived Together Before?

It’s a good idea to do a trial run with your partner before you purchase a home together. This will help you get into a rhythm that tells you what you might need.


For example, do you like a lot of the same shows or would you prefer two different areas so you can each enjoy your favorites? That can contribute to the type of layout you want.


Could you share a home office or do you work better separately? What about work schedules? If one of you leaves early in the morning, do they disturb the other person by using the main bathroom? If so, an extra bath might be beneficial.

2. Are You Confident in Your Commitment to Each Other?

This question is a bummer, but you need to consider it before making such a huge purchase together. A divorce in the United States costs an average of $15,000 and dividing your property is one of the many challenges.


If you have any doubt that the relationship will last, now is not the time to purchase a home together.

3. Do You Want Kids?

If you want kids in the near future, that should be a consideration in what type of home you and your partner purchase.


A backyard provides a safe space for children to run and play, and you want to ensure your home has enough bedrooms to accommodate the family size you dream about. Schools and safety also become higher priorities when kids are in your future.

Buying a Home With Your Partner

Purchasing your first home with your partner is a significant but exciting step in creating a future you will both enjoy. By thoroughly thinking it through, you can confidently go into the home-buying process.