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January 11, 2022 2 min read

When planning a huge matrimonial bash, you have more concerns than those hosting smaller, more intimate gatherings. Anytime masses of people collect in one area, you have potential headaches to avoid.

Fortunately, it isn’t too challenging to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time. Here are four considerations to keep in mind for large-scale weddings.

1. Providing Transportation

How will your guests get to and from your venue? Large-scale weddings often include multiple out-of-town guests, meaning that folks might not know their way around town.

One safe alternative is chartering a party bus to transport your guests from the church to the reception hall, returning them to their hotels at the end of the evening.

Include a line item on your invitations for guests who need a ride to get a headcount and select the right size.

2. Securing the Premise 

bride and groom in getaway car

Believe it or not, large-scale weddings attract thieves. It makes sense when you think about it: money and gifts abound, and everyone’s too distracted to pay much attention.

It pays to hire security teams to keep an eye on your belongings. Ensure you ask about licensing and training, regardless of whether you hire a private squad or go with your venue’s staff.

Those in the public eye might need to do more to safeguard themselves and guests from looky-loos who may intend harm. Ensure your security guards are properly equipped and ready for any scenario. 

3. Keeping the Food and Drink Flowing

How many bottles of champagne will you need for your toast? A typical bottle contains over six servings, less if filling each flute to the top.

Will you have an open bar? What about the food? Even if you plan a formal sit-down affair, it helps to keep extra snacks on hand if you plan on dancing until the wee hours.

4. Monitoring the Children

Hosting a large-scale wedding typically means inviting lots of littles. Kids can get excited when playing with new friends, and their parents want to enjoy mixing and mingling, not chasing down their toddlers.

Consider hiring professional sitters and entertainers for your youngest guests. Their parents will thank you for the break, and you’ll feel secure knowing no tots will sneak off, causing panic and putting a damper on your big day.

Considerations for Large-Scale Weddings

If you’re hosting a large-scale wedding, you have more considerations than those hosting more intimate affairs. However, it isn’t too challenging to pull off your bash with the right help. Keep the above tips in mind when party planning.