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August 11, 2022 2 min read

Tiny Details for Your Big Day: 4 Alternatives to a Honeymoon

If you’re in the planning phase for your honeymoon, you might find yourself worrying about the cost. Big destination trips can set you back $5,000 to $25,000 and you might have some responsibilities at home you can’t leave behind. What kinds of honeymoon alternatives are out there?

Here is a list of four trips you can take to celebrate your nuptials without breaking the bank.

1. Road Tripping

Haven’t seen much of the country you’re living in? Take this opportunity to spend a week or two touring historical sites and scenery while on wheels. Road trips are an excellent way to honeymoon because you’re still traveling but skipping the airfare and pricey hotels.

Plan the perfect route with your partner and prepare to stay safe on the road. Remember — some unexpected things may happen, but you can face any challenge together.

2. Becoming a Local Tourist

Perhaps you don’t have room in your finances to travel — that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a tourist. Pretend you and your partner are exploring where you live for the first time. Which places have you always wanted to go to? Which ones would you love to experience again?

Staycations are also a great opportunity to visit some spots that may have been milestones in your relationship.

3. Go Camping

It’s just you, your partner and the wilderness. Camping is a wonderful honeymoon alternative because you don’t have to worry about losing bags or fancy dinners. Unwinding in nature is a lovely way for newlyweds to spend some quality time alone after months of planning and prepping.

Camping is rising in popularity as well. According to the KOA Monthly Research Report, 50% of campers say they booked early for the 2022 season.

4. Finding Fairs and Festivals

Maybe your town has an annual fair or some big out-of-state festivals you’ve been dying to go to are happening right around the time you get married. Make one of these events — or a few — your getaway. You can also combine these with camping and road tripping if they’re far away or a staycation for a way to stay local.

Whether going to Mardi Gras is on your bucket list or you haven’t been to the nearby apple festival in years, attending these celebrations can take the pressure off of planning an extensive trip.

Discover New Ways to Honeymoon

The conventional destination honeymoon can be way too expensive and stressful. Check out these trips if you want to try some unique alternatives to keep you relaxed and on budget. A honeymoon is a honeymoon no matter where you are — all that matters is that you’re having a great time with your partner for life!