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August 12, 2022 3 min read

5 Fun and Fruity Mocktails to Serve at Your Wedding

Everyone wants to celebrate your upcoming wedding, but they may not all prefer hard beverages. Mocktails are a popular menu option for anyone who doesn’t drink alcohol, like pregnant guests, kids or people in recovery. While soda or iced tea are safe options, a fun mocktail will make the occasion feel more special for all your guests.

Check out some fun and fruity mocktails to serve at your wedding that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. They’ll refresh everyone between courses or dances so everyone can keep up with the fun you’ve planned for the entire evening.

1. Virgin Cosmopolitan


Cosmos are a classic cocktail that will likely be on the drink menu if you have a bartender at your wedding. Include all your guests in the fun by serving a virgin cosmopolitan in the same decorative glasses.

All you need is cranberry juice, lime juice and club soda. Coat the rim of each glass in sugar and all your drinks will look alike. It’s an excellent way to prevent anyone from feeling left out of the fun without compromising their dietary needs or preferences.

2. Lavender Lemonade Spritzer

Vodka spritzers have nothing on a lavender lemonade topped with sparkling water. Make this mocktail spritzer for your guests and they’ll have a lovely drink option that will dazzle their taste buds. Even young kids will love this fancy lemonade, which will be a healthier option than supplying them with just sodas or sugary juices.


Combine water, sugar and sparkling water with six to eight freshly squeezed lemons. This drink is best in a chilled glass with a sprig of lavender resting against the edge. You can always request that your bartender practice them before your big day or provide alternative bubbly drinks like Sprite if your guests want their lemonade a bit sweeter.

3. Frozen Strawberry Margarita

Summer brides must plan for plenty of heat while anticipating their guests’ needs. Add a frozen strawberry margarita mocktail to your menu and everyone can instantly cool off after your ceremony.

Your bartender can practice the recipe before your big day or you can prep the ingredients at home. Let the simple syrup cool before blending orange juice, lime juice and frozen strawberries. The liquid sweetener will bring each glass to your guests’ liking when they’re most in need of a cold drink.

4. Mango Orange Mojito

Marry fun and fruity ingredients together after getting hitched by offering mango orange mojito mocktails to your guests. Each serving will feature sweet juice from both fruits, plus a few mint leaves and your preferred kombucha recipe. The kombucha will help everyone digest their reception dinner and keep up with your playlist throughout a night of dancing.

If you decide to offer this drink at your reception, make it clear that kombucha is an essential ingredient by writing it on your menu in bold font or large letters. Guests who have sensitive stomachs may prefer to have something less interactive with their digestive systems.

5. Sparkling Peach Punch

Everyone can enjoy a mocktail bellini if you add sparkling peach punch to your reception. Whether guests ladle it from a massive bowl or get individual glasses at the bar, the sweet aroma and sugary aftertaste will be the best drink to complement your menu.

Use a blender to mix frozen peach punch concentrate with lime juice and chilled orange juice. Pour it into individual glasses and top them off with a sparkling drink like Sprite or club soda when your guests request a glass.

You could even serve this mocktail with sugar-free ingredients for anyone who prefers unsweetened drinks or needs to manage their blood sugar. Just look for sugar-free juices when stocking up on the ingredients before your wedding.

Discover Fun and Fruity Mocktails

There are so many fun and fruity mocktails to serve at your wedding that will amaze even the pickiest guests. Make a few at home to try before your big day. You’ll feel more confident about making your guests happy no matter what they prefer to drink.