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December 07, 2021 2 min read

You want your wedding to be perfect down to the last rose. But all those decorations can cost a small fortune — and make an attractive target for thieves along with your gifts. 

Your first order of business should be safeguarding your guests and then your belongings. Here are three security tips for storing expensive decor for your big day.

1. Before Your Event

You probably won’t keep the ice sculpture you ordered at your house unless you have a walk-in freezer. However, you might have flowers, banners, perhaps even a custom-built altar or chuppah.

If you store items in your garage, please ensure that thieves can’t simply pull your door’s safety release lever to gain entry. The right automated door can safeguard your family far beyond your big day. You don’t want to think about someone with nefarious intentions gaining access to your kitchen at 1 a.m. through this entry point.

If you store your expensive decor at the venue, ensure that they will cover losses and provide ample security. Ensure that you cover this detail in your itemized list of what the site will provide and read the limits they place on liability.

2. During Your Big Day

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It’s unlikely that someone will steal the centerpiece off the bridal party dinner table while you’re serving the main course. However, you want to keep expensive items in your line of sight at all times. Many people have lost valuables when they place them too close to exits where wandering hands can swipe them.

You also have to take precautions during transport. Ensure your delivery professionals lock their car doors and set the alarm if hustling from event to event. Otherwise, someone could take your pricey cake while your baker drops off the sweets for another bridal party.

3. Storing Precious Memories

When your big day draws to a close, you want mementos. Hopefully, you improved your home’s security and feel safe leaving your items there.

If you don’t have enough space at home, choose your rental storage with care. Ensure they have video surveillance systems to improve your chances of recovery in case of a break-in. You might also seek indoor facilities with climate control to keep temperature extremes from damaging your valuables.

Security Tips for Storing Expensive Decor

You don’t want to deal with theft loss around your big day. Please heed these three security tips for storing expensive decor.