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December 09, 2021 3 min read

coffee shop

Owning a coffee shop means you have to pay attention to the right type of decor. This is crucial, because the decor you choose will also dictate the atmosphere, and if that isn’t right, it’s very likely that people won’t come as frequently. So, if you’re opening a coffee shop soon, and you’re currently thinking about all the decor options, then here are five tips that will help you make the best decor choices.

Decide on what you’re trying to achieve

Before you start buying furniture and decor items, be sure to decide on what exactly it is that you’re trying to achieve. For example, industrial design is an amazing option, if you’re aiming to achieve a slightly creative atmosphere, perfect for work. Many people come to a coffee shop to work while sipping drinks, so it’s essential to create an atmosphere that will promote productivity and relaxation at the same time. Industrial design with sleek elements, darker colors, and some greenery is a perfect solution.

Don’t forget about the furniture

coffee shop

Furniture plays a significant role, which is why you should make sure that you pick the right pieces for your coffee shops. Aesthetics are crucial, but so is comfort, and combining these two is very likely to guarantee success. Aside from coffee shop equipment, you should invest in quality tables and chairs, so they’ll last longer. Understanding your target audience can be of great help here. In case you’re aiming for a timeless look, then vintage bentwood chairs will be a great addition. They’re lightweight, classic-looking, and comfortable, plus they’re easy to match with other furniture pieces. Additionally, don’t forget about proper seating cushions, so your guests will feel comfortable. If you have enough space, you can also add a smaller sofa or maybe even a couple of armchairs for a more enhanced look.

Make it seem warm and inviting

Any decor choice should lead to one outcome: making your coffee shop seem inviting, friendly, and warm. Whether it’s the aforementioned industrial design, or maybe even Boho, your main goal should be to cause people to want to come back, again and again. A brick wall is, therefore, a good idea, as it is versatile and easy to combine with a wide variety of decor styles. If bricks aren’t your thing, then feel free to opt for creative tiles, or possibly even shabby walls.

Add some pops of color

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Colors do enhance the space, and it’s up to you to mix and match different tones in order to create a stunning final result. If you’re not someone who appreciates bright colors, you can always create an accent wall, include interesting wall art, or add cozy rugs. On the other hand, being playful and experimenting with contrasting shades and other colorful elements can be beneficial, as you’ll likely be creating a more unique decor for your coffee shop.

Your coffee shop should be well-lit and cozy

Lighting fixtures are a huge aspect of every café, restaurant, or coffee shop. Decorative light fittings are a wonderful idea, as they serve a double purpose. Balancing the functionality and lighting aesthetics are the keys, so the place will look pretty, yet vibrant. If you keep lights too bright and dramatic, then you’re risking a strain on your customers’ eyes. However, by dimming your lights too much, the place will look too dark and uncomfortable.  You should aim to create a relaxed, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing ambiance, and choosing the right lighting fixtures is the key to achieving that.


Decorating a coffee shop is a serious task that requires careful planning. Therefore, these tips will be of help, as long as you keep the atmosphere friendly, comfortable, and pleasant. Remember that your target audience will appreciate your efforts, as that is the true way to turn them into loyal customers that you can rely on.