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July 21, 2022 2 min read

Tiny Details for Your Big Day: 5 Fun Ways to Get Fit Quick


Are you looking to get in shape before saying, “I do?” It doesn’t matter if you want to shed a few unwanted pounds or sculpt sexy shoulders for that sleeveless dress. The right workout will help you reach your goal.


What should you do? Here are five fun ways to get fit quickly for your big day.

1. Hiking


If you have prewedding jitters, hiking might be your ticket to getting fit quick for your big day. Combining the great outdoors with the juicy endorphins you produce during physical movement improves your mood like few other activities.


However, you want to protect your skin from UV damage when exercising outside. Wear sunscreen and opt for fitness gear over street clothes — it will typically offer a higher level of ultraviolet protection than your standard tee.



If you’re short on time but want a killer workout that burns mega-calories, turn to HIIT. It stands for high-intensity interval training, combining strength and cardio to get you maximum fitness in minimum time.


You can take a full-body HIIT class or find versions that cater to specific body parts, like your abs. Consider an upper-body course if you hope to build sexy shoulders for a strapless gown.

3. Race Training


Is a lack of motivation your training bugbear? There’s nothing like the thrill of competition to encourage you to hit the gym.


Consider signing up for one of this year’s exciting adventure races and get in shape by training for it. Events will surely be better than ever after two years of COVID shutdowns.

4. Dance


If you have the music in you, move your body to the beat. All you have to do is dock your iPhone. However, you can find the right rhythms in a Zumba or Pound class if you need some help with choreography.


Do you and your beloved hope to trip the lights fantastic when you take center stage for your big solo dance? If so, why not sign up for ballroom dancing lessons — you can get in shape together while perfecting your first performance as a married couple.

5. Martial Arts


Maybe you enjoy putting your skills to the test in one-on-one combat. You’ll get plenty of sparring classes in many martial arts classes.


What should you take? Anything from Brazilian jiu-jitsu to Shotokan will do the trick. Folks hoping for a less intense workout with no physical contact might find their ideal fitness fix in the ancient art of tai chi.

Get Fit Quick for Your Big Day


You aren’t alone if you want to get in shape for your big day. How can you do so without wasting any time? Get fit and have fun simultaneously. You’ll look even better rocking your gown with your new buff body.