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August 22, 2019 3 min read

Whether it’s a wedding, special event, or just entertaining friends from out of town, there are times where you’ll be hosting guests in your home. Even if it’s just for one night, it’s important to make sure your guests feel welcome when they stay at your house.

Giving your home a refresh is a valid excuse knowing guests are going to be staying over, there are lots of ways to add and change a space to accommodate accordingly! The living room and bedroom are the two most populated areas guests will be in so it’s important to make sure they’re up to par with maximum ease and comfort.
Your Entertainment Zone
Prep Your Home When Expecting Company
The living room is where you’ll likely be spending the most time with your guests, so it’s necessary to make sure it’s fit for all your hosting duties. From a feng shui perspective, your living space reflects- and affects- your life. Ensure that the is optimized to comfortably seat guests, and to also create a balanced flow in the room. If you have a smaller space but need more room, assess where you can remove excess items that don’t bring value to the area. A cluttered living room can be hard to get comfortable in so the more simple and cohesive the space, the better.
Prep Your Home When Expecting Company
When hosting, make sure to keep the beverages you’re providing your guests in a convenient, yet creative, spot within the room. To get creative, consider transforming your into a mobile bar to store all things cocktails such as alcohol of choice, mixers, and drink accessories. Not only that, but wearing the bartender hat can be a good way to showcase a specially crafted cocktail - the perfect thing to kick off a home event or party. A bar cart is not only great for storing drinks, but also to hold board games and cards to get the night going. If you’re having several people stay over, playing games is an easy way to break the ice.
Prep Your Home When Expecting Company
A simple way to instantly make guests feel appreciated is to write or print out the wifi password and have it placed in a visible area. It can be awkward having to ask for the password (even more so if you have to ask multiple times), having easy access to the wifi code is one of the best hosting hacks. What better way to make people feel welcome than having fast internet and avoiding data overage?
Bedtime Sanctuary
Prep Your Home When Expecting Company
The first thing to change up in a bedroom is investing in high quality sheets, as well as a cozy comforter. Keep the sheets a crisp white and the comforter neutral tones to provide a minimalist and clean look. Having two to four pillows on the bed leaves guests the option of how they’d like to sleep. A study from the revealed that 75% of people had a better slumber with freshly changed sheets and fluffed pillows so giving your guests a Grade A made bed will make sure they’re getting the best possible rest during their stay. If your guests are staying longer than a night, a good idea is to make some space in the bedroom for them. Empty out a drawer or two as well as making room in the closet for them, maybe even invest in a luggage rack for ample floor space. Guests will feel more comfortable knowing they can unpack their items and settle into your home as opposed to living out of their bags.
Prep Your Home When Expecting Company
Some people don’t feel comfortable sitting on a bed when they want to get work done or lay out items. Create a vanity space by having a desk, chair, and mirror in your guest room so your company can sit and get ready in the privacy of their room instead of running back and forth to the bathroom to fix their appearance. If you do include a desk in the room, make sure it’s centered around wall plugs for easy reach as having easy access to phone and laptop charging is a great way to create a home away from home for guests. There are always ways you can redecorate to facilitate your company, and these tips are just a few ways you can for your next hosting weekend! Guests will leave your home feeling refreshed and relaxed from their retreat, they may even come back sooner to take advantage of your super host status.