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August 16, 2019 2 min read

While it's still warm outside, fall is coming! It's getting about time to spruce up your home with some décor for fall.

Fall home décor is easy to incorporate into your home by just making some small changes. There are a variety of ways to bring the crisp feel of autumn into your home in small ways that make a big impact! These small swaps can really make your home feel like without adding pumpkin spice anything, but you can still add the pumpkin spice if you want.
Candle Color
While we love a standard ivory or white candle, you can really bring in the feeling of fall by changing up your candle color. Red, orange, brown, black and even purple candles bring the deep colors of fall into your home. Using gives a much bigger fall feeling than taper candles or votive candles, but any of them are a great touch depending on what fall home décor you may already have to complement them.
Much like candles, flowers pack a big punch that indicate the seasons. Flowers such as , and are all during the fall, and often come in the deep colors associated with fall such as orange, burgundy or deep purple. Switching out your flowers seasonally can add a big autumn feeling to your fall home décor, and create the atmosphere that you're looking for.
Preserved items
fall home décor
are great because not only are they natural, but they'll last year after year with proper care. Adding vases of preserved leaves, cotton stalks or dried flowers adds a seasonally perfect touch to your side tables and mantles. Since preserved items seem to always be fall inspired, they are a natural pick for fall home décor.
You can find wreaths that fit any season really. So naturally you can find a variety of that fit in with your fall home décor. Wheat wreaths are a great pick because they look gorgeous on their own, but also look fantastic if you DIY them to add something extra fall to them. Whether you buy a ready made wreath, or create your own with the help of some ribbon, a wreath can really help create a fall atmosphere before you even enter your home.
Gold Accents
fall home décor
Gold matches the other colors of fall, so why not add a bit of glamour with some as well? Gold vases and candle holders add a simple fall touch that can also transition into the wintertime and holidays, so they make a great addition to keep out for a good portion of the year. Using an amber gold is the perfect choice as it's a deeper gold that matches the colors of fall perfectly. With fall soon upon us, it's time for us to start switching out our home décor. Using browns, oranges and gold tones in small touches throughout your home will bring in the atmosphere of fall - no pumpkin required.