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July 11, 2018 2 min read

How to make a reception floral arrangement

Materials Tools you will need ... You may need floral clay to keep the floral foam snug in the vase.You may also want to use floral tape to make a grid pattern on the top of the vase to help hold your flowers in place while you are arranging. You can also get this grid pattern easily by just using floral netting on the top of the vase.If you are making this arrangement with fresh flowers you will want to have floral stem wire available to strengthen and lengthen the stems. See wiring techniques for more information on how to use wire.Instructions1. Cut floral foam to fit inside vase snugly.2. Insert the tallest stems first to determine the shape of the arrangement.
Reception Flower Arrangement
3. Taper the flowers down and fill out the arrangement with the roses and the lilacs.4. Fill in the empty space with the fern5. Make a ten inch wide, 4 loop bow (see directions for loopy bow) with 11" tails and wire to a floral pick. Insert in the front of the arrangement.