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January 18, 2021 4 min read

Wedding date? Check. Guest list? Check? Great venue? Check. Hot as hell physique that will make everyone’s jaw drop to the floor as you walk down the aisle? Ehhh, not quite there yet.

Weddings are all about love and joy of course, but we’d be lying if we said that looking like a model on all the photos didn’t matter at all. It’s not just about looking fit either – it’s about feeling healthy, strong, and vibrant for that big day, and there’s nothing like a good workout regimen boost your health and make you feel like a million bucks.

If you can do it with your future spouse, even better! If you’re both eager to whip yourself into shape for the wedding, here are some tips that can help.

Bride & groom

Six months before:

Start slow and make a lifelong change

You can see all of this as a short-term challenge to make yourself look hot for the wedding, but that would be a wrong way to go about it. You’ll only end up pushing yourself too hard because the whole thing feels temporary, and then you’ll quickly give up, get back to being a couch potato, and lose progress. Besides, don’t you want to stand straight, look good, and be healthy together every day of your life?

So, take it slow. Instead of exercising every single day, make a plan where you and your partner go to the gym three times a week, or pick a different kind of activity that you prefer. While it would be ideal if you could exercise together, don’t push yourselves to do the same kind of workouts unless you both enjoy them.

Clean up your diet
healthy eating

Exercising cannot be effective without a good diet. Food is our fuel, and eating the right kind of nutrients will power up your workouts, not to mention how necessary it is to reduce calorie intake if you plan to lose weight.

Since you’re probably already living together or plan to move in together soon enough, you can plan your meals and take turns cooking healthy, delicious meals. For quick and effective weight loss you can try the keto diet, and you can even implement great keto meals into your wedding menu.

Start building muscle

Both the bride and the groom should seek to build up some muscle if they want to look toned, though this is probably more important for the groom. There are two parts to this: lifting weights and getting enough protein. Instead of relying on cardio alone to slim down, incorporate weight lifting into your routine at least twice a week, and eat lean meats like chicken and turkey to help those muscles shape up.

If you want more bulk, consider protein shakes. Find the best whey isolate protein you can, and whip up a tasty post-workout snack that will help your muscles recover quicker and grow stronger. These kinds of shakes can be made in a matter of minutes, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time to get a healthy, delicious snack.

Make a food and workout diary
meal planning

Getting into shape takes time and planning– much like your wedding. So, why not approach it the same way you do your wedding event? Get a book, make a plan both for the bride and the groom, and then help each other stick to it as the big day draws near.

You can make a gym schedule for the both of you, and log your meals each day. This way you’ll have a good overview of your progress and you’ll make smarter decisions.

Three months before:

Revise your diet and exercise plan

Now’s a great time to put that food at workout diary to good use. Has your progress been slow? Are you nowhere near your goal weight? Then take a look at what you’ve been logging into your diary, and try to notice any flaws or bad patterns. Maybe you tend to eat too many carbs, or maybe you snack a little too much in the evening. Perhaps you ate junk food a little more often than you thought you did.

There’s still time to make changes, and with three months before your wedding day, you still have a chance to change a few bad habits to make faster progress.

30 days before:

Keep it steady and make sure to rest

You can certainly push yourself a little bit harder a month before the wedding day, but bear in mind you shouldn’t take it into overdrive. It won’t do you much good to pull a muscle or twist an ankle a week before your wedding because you did everything at a punishing pace.

Keep your workouts steady, increase the frequency slightly if you like, and remember to always pay attention to good form and stay safe. Your wedding workout regimen is something that can last you well after the actual big day itself, and it’s centered around good, life-long habits.


Slow and steady wins the race. Start exercising and eating right long before your wedding day, and pick activities that you enjoy doing. With a little bit of effort and willpower, you’ll look amazing very soon.