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January 14, 2021 2 min read

Your home is the place you go to feel safe, comfortable and happy. Sure, you can view your dwelling as nothing more than a utilitarian place to hang your hat, but where’s the fun in that? Your environment has the power to impact your mood, your productivity and even your long term mental health, so why waste a perfect opportunity? Decorating in a way that reflects your personality is all about making you happy and expressing yourself, and you have the power to do it however you see fit.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or changing things up, it can be difficult to figure out exactly where to get started — how do you find your personal style, anyway? There are so many ways to get started. Here are just a few tips to get the ball rolling on creating a home that’s uniquely you.

1. Get Inspired

Whether you know the perfect vibe for you already or you aren’t sure exactly what your style is yet, looking for a broad range of inspiration can help you figure out what you actually want in a home. Look through magazines, on social media or even in friends’ homes and see what details speak to you. When you build inspiration, the rest comes a lot easier.

2. Work With Good Bones

Sometimes, the best way to begin is by noticing what you love about the space all around you. Whether you have a super sleek apartment or a historic home with hardwood floors perfect for matching all of your vintage details, each home has something to offer — so work with it, whatever that looks like to you. It may offer something totally unique to your style.

3. Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

couple on couch

But really, what is beauty without a bit of comfort? While style is often talked about primarily in terms of aesthetic value, how you want your home to feel is another factor worth considering. Details like pillows and blankets, eliminating clutter and creating a reading nook can work wonders for both style and comfort. All you have to do is figure out what feeling is right for you.

4. Evolve With Your Home

One of the best pieces of advice to ponder is the simple truth that home isn’t a destination you arrive at when you finish one project or another. Just like your style, your home can grow, evolve and change as the years — or even months — go by. You may spot a few details you want to change even just a few weeks down the road, and that’s a part of the process. You don’t need to have everything figured out right away.

Reflecting Your Personality in Your Home

You have the power to make your home uniquely you, so why not dive in? The process can be fun and eye-opening, from discovering your taste and getting inspired to the evolution process as you grow and change alongside your beloved abode. You don’t need to figure everything out right away — and building a comfortable, unique home you’ll continue to love can be all about self discovery as well as decor.