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January 12, 2024 2 min read

Merging Design Preferences When Moving in Together: 3 Tips


Moving in together after your wedding is a beautiful way to start your married life. You’ll never spend another night wishing your partner was with you, but the situation creates a new interior design dilemma.


Avoid uncomfortable arguments by reading these tips on merging design preferences and compromising whenever possible.

1. Merge Your Favorite Colors

If you own your new home, consider getting a paintbrush or two. Although 57% of homeowners prefer neutrals, you don’t have to keep the beige paint that came with your home. Talk with your partner about merging your favorite colors.


The living room and kitchen could be their favorite shade of green, while the bedrooms and bathrooms are your preferred cool gray. Use a color wheel to find complementary shades if you need help matching colors.

2. Swap Replaceable Household Parts

Cabinet doors are luckily easy to replace but can make a big difference. When reviewing your options, you’ll find that you have three main kitchen cabinet door constructions to choose from:


  • Inset
  • Full overlay
  • Standard overlay



If you pick the cabinets and your spouse picks the bedroom and bathroom doors, you’ll both get what you want. Ensure they have some visual similarities for design cohesion to create the ultimate dream house for your newly married life.

3. Pick a Singular Theme

Numerous interior decorating themes could include both of your design preferences. Your partner might have a cast-iron skillet that added a rugged appeal to their old kitchen and steel barstools. Meanwhile, you might be among the near-quarter of Americans with two or more houseplants.


An industrial design scheme could perfectly merge your belongings. Read up on various design styles while keeping your preferences in mind to pick one that satisfies each interest.

Merge Your Design Preferences With Ease

Living with your spouse for the first time doesn’t have to start with arguments over decor. Use these ideas to merge your design preferences and create a comfortable home for both of your personalities.