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October 10, 2019 2 min read

Everyone has different tastes in florals and greenery. However, one big trend in weddings that we've seen over the past few years is succulents! These gorgeous, drought resistant plants are not only popular to keep in your home, but have also entered into the world of wedding décor!

There are many ways to incorporate throughout your wedding. These are an easy addition that you can DIY yourself, or with the help of your bridal party!
Floral Arrangements
Some brides like just a few succulents placed within a bouquet of gorgeous blooms. However, you can do of succulents if you want to go for a boho desert aesthetic. Either way, this is a gorgeous look that will add something unique to your wedding. Creating a bouquet is something you can DIY with your bridesmaids right before the wedding if you have all the basic blooms and supplies ready.
This is perfect if you plan on incorporating succulents into the bouquet for the bridal party. will tie in the look with the groomsmen, and look chic at the same time. Since cacti and other succulents come in subtle earth tones, they look great with a variety of suits, and won't clash with any other colors that are a part of the wedding color palette. This is another easy DIY that you can complete right before the wedding to cut down on some of your costs.
These may not be live plants, but they make everything so much more cute. Getting for the bridal party with a cactus or succulent on it, is a great way to keep your gifts in line with the overall look that you have planned, without being too over the top. For your groomsman, you can get everyone matching dress socks for the big day that feature cacti for a fun look.
placing succulents into little holders make perfect . They're a gift that your guest will keep for years to come (because they won't be able to kill it easily) and it stays beautiful while reminding people of your special day. You can use a variety of containers to house the succulents so you can match the color palette of your wedding along with giving a cute gift.
If you're using succulents as a part of your bouquet, why not incorporate it into the centerpieces as well? The lush greenery they provide looks phenomenal without the threat of wilting if it's too hot outside. You can incorporate succulents in traditional vases and compotes, or you can place them somewhere unexpected like in lanterns or birdcages. No matter how you incorporate them, succulents add lush texture and subtle tones that match just about everything. From your bouquet to your favors, you can't go wrong with adding a succulent or two into your wedding.