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October 03, 2019 3 min read

Is there a better season to celebrate falling in love than fall? From the vibrant-colored foliage to the cool and crisp air, autumn is the perfect time to get hitched. Fall’s gorgeous scenery and temperate weather offers a plethora of design inspiration for any kind of wedding.

If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. There are some décor basics if you’re getting married in the fall. Whether you’re planning an intimate rustic ceremony or a sophisticated outdoor event, these easy decoration ideas will look beautiful on your fall wedding.
Incorporate natural elements
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When it comes to fall weddings, season-inspired décor is the way to go. BBJ Linen shares that using organic materials are perfect for . Think of greens, grapevines and even stalks of wheat that can be arranged as a table runner. Or carve pumpkins and use them as candle holders – a romantic twist on Halloween pumpkin crafts. For your tablescape, opt for and vintage china, and set them on beige or copper burlap for a truly bucolic affair. Don’t forget to use seasonal flowers in your . If you want to make them standout, put them in galvanized water buckets or for a countryside touch.
Use personal items as décor
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Intimate ceremonies take advantage of personal leanings. For your fall wedding, consider adorning your venues with mementos. Display your heritage by creating a family wall that traces the roots of the couple. Or, add little trinkets on the table – faded family pictures, leather books, even heirloom monogrammed crystal and china. These decorative items give your wedding a unique mark, and lend a warm familiarity amidst the cool of autumn.
Lighting says/shows it all
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When it comes to wedding decorations, lighting is so often overlooked. Interestingly, it plays a huge role in making sure your décor is beautifully illuminated. Turn the autumn’s mellow sunset for some romantic light inspirations. Hang or chandeliers from tent poles or barn rafters to softly illuminate the ceremony and reception. Leave guests breathless by dotting the wedding aisle or pathway with candles. Bring attention to draped fabrics by using fairy-lights that offer endless photo opportunities. For a truly rustic autumn reception, string some Edison bulbs above tables. Not only do they look the part for fall weddings, they provide great lighting too.
Play around textures and patterns
Bright and warm colors like red, orange, and yellow are the common palettes for . If you’re keen on sticking with these colors but don’t want to come across as just another wedding in autumn, consider playing around textures and patterns. This is an especially useful approach to fabrics. Opt for textured, embroidered, or lacy table runners and overlays that add a tactile dimension to your decoration. Swirly patterns that blend the season’s palette also evoke fall’s changing colors, and serves as a great alternative for solid-colored textiles.
Layer for that cozy feel
Bring snug to your fall wedding by creating a plush seating place at the reception. Having these snug nooks – especially for outdoor venues – give your guests a place to relax, share pleasantries, or cozy with one another. Design the space by layering rugs and using velvet-upholstered seats. For texture and comfort, use a plethora of pillows, throws, and rugs for that instantly inviting space. Add knitted blankets for a personal touch, and make sure you have at least one leather chair as a striking accent piece. Use unvarnished chests as coffee tables, and add a touch of nature with antler paperweights, wooden lamps, or birch tree flower holders. When it comes to fall weddings, the season’s stunning vistas and gorgeous foliage offer a surplus of décor inspiration. These natural materials can even be sourced as decoration themselves. Remember to play around textures, patterns, and layers to create a cozy ambiance that’s apt for the season. And, regardless of your aesthetic, opt for lighting that beautifully illuminates your ceremony and reception décor. It’s the best way to make people see why you fell in love with an autumn wedding. With these décor basics down pat, assuredly more will fall in love with it too.