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December 23, 2020 3 min read

Weddings wouldn’t be possible without vendors. They supply every detail that makes your wedding dreams come true, but brides sometimes forget about them once the big day begins. Even though vendors know they should operate in the background, they could become upset if you don’t remember a few essential parts of hiring them for your ceremony.

This guide will teach you how to treat wedding vendors so they feel appreciated and cared for. They deserve much more than your final down payment, even if some of them are close family friends.

1. Contact Them Early

Unless you want a quick ceremony before you elope, it’s best to contact wedding vendors as early as possible. Planners and venues sometimes book dates a year in advance or more. Search reputable review sites to discover potential vendors and reach out early in the process to reserve their services for your big day.

2. Check Up Frequently

After you find vendors like your DJ and caterer, don’t expect them to always email you first. They have multiple clients to keep track of, so take the initiative to check up with them whenever you have a question or want to talk. You’ll get the chance to ask about playlist options and dietary preferences without waiting until the last minute for them to call or email.

3. Prepare a Gift

gift box

You’ll get close with some of your vendors, like your planner and venue coordinator. They’ll work with you during the joyful moments and the occasional stressed-out phone call. When it’s finally time to walk down the aisle, give them a thoughtful gift to show how much their help meant to you.

Pay attention to their likes and dislikes while you plan your wedding. They might prefer a crafting gift or a candle set with a particular scent. They’ll love a surprise gift, but don’t forget to schedule your final payments too.

4. Remember to Feed Them

Some wedding vendors stay during your ceremony and reception. They’ll likely be on site for half a day or more, so remember to feed them. Talk with your caterer about including meals for vendors such as:

  • Your photographer
  • The on-site coordinator
  • Your DJ

If your officiant is a family member or friend, they’ll also stay after your ceremony. Include a plate for everyone who will make your wedding possible and invite them to grab a plate when you finalize your catering plans.

5. Tip Them Well

Budget for your vendor’s services and include a little extra money for tipping. Business owners make money when you pay their service estimates, but you should tip the on-site staff during your ceremony and reception.

The waiters, bartenders and even the people who serve your cake should get a little extra as a way to say thank you. If you have any concerns, you can always ask your vendors about their tipping policies when you interview them. Some small businesses include tips in their service estimate, making it easy to tip ahead of time.

Ask Every Question

Now that you know how to treat wedding vendors, make sure you ask every question that pops up before and after booking them. It’s always better to clear the air and finalize the smallest details rather than expecting them to read your mind. You’ll have a better experience and they can make your wedding even more incredible than you planned.