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July 18, 2023 4 min read

How to Set Up Your Base of Operations When Wedding Planning: 6 Tips


Envisioning every detail of your big day, from the dress to the decor and the music, is exciting, but preparing for an ideal wedding can feel overwhelming.


For this reason, you need ample time and a base to do all your meetings with the planner, vendors and everyone involved to nail down all the marriage details.


You can turn a small area of your home into an office. Here are some ideas and tips to secure a base of operations when planning your wedding.

1.   Find a Spacious Corner in the Living Room

The living room is often the largest area of a home, so it's easy to find a corner and convert it into a temporary wedding base. Depending on the layout and the available space, you might have to rearrange or remove other furniture to squeeze in a mini-office where you can meet with everyone.


If there isn't enough space, move the coffee table to the bedroom or the couch to the center if it's against the wall so that you can use the empty nook.


Bring in a desk and spare chairs. The living area is a space frequented by other people in the house, so section the office and the shared place using furniture as a divider. 

2.   Use Bookcases as Dividers

Bookcases are decorative and basic furniture in most homes. Use them to partition your office and another area. Check the shared spaces, like the hallway, dining or bedroom, and see if you can fit in a small station at home dedicated to marriage planning. If the hallway works, use bookcases to separate the space.


Open shelves are the best option but make do with whatever type you have. Style them by adding small plants, photo frames and other favorite decorative pieces to make them look pleasing to the eyes.

3.   Convert the Guest Room

If you have an underutilized guest room, reinvent it into an office. Converting a spare room into a multi-functional space is easy and doesn't require significant home changes.


Add a desk and a couple of comfortable chairs opposite the bed. If the space is limited, place a fold-down table. You can put it away whenever a guest uses the room. If the space is tight, remove extra fixtures like the bedside table or nightstand lamp. Situate a small magazine rack or a bookshelf to separate the bed from the office and make it cozy.

4.   Set up an Outdoor Rendezvous in the Garden

Outdoor meetings are a trend during summer or whenever the weather is good. So why confine your bridal ideas within the walls of an office when your garden is a great place to brainstorm and enjoy the fresh air? Relaxing scenery may inspire you to get more creative and productive.


Furnish your garden with some living room furniture, like a couch, to make it more comfortable. Otherwise, add a table and a few chairs. Put up a large parasol or sunshade to block the sun or rain when meeting with the planner and vendors around noon.

5.   Meet at a Restaurant

Experts recommend planning a wedding one year in advance to give couples enough time to prepare. During the first few months, you'll likely meet with the planner frequently to review the entire plan. As you approach the big day, you can move your communication to emails or calls to polish the details.


For some couples, a restaurant is a better venue for nuptial planning. Some of these locations have a small private room you can reserve. If it doesn't have one, book a quiet table in a corner away from the kitchen, the bathroom and the aisle where people pass.

6.   Try a Park

Did you know that sitting for 20 minutes in a public park can make you happier? Parks connect you to nature. Several studies confirmed they have a positive emotional benefit to visitors.


Wedding planning is stressful for couples, so why not bring your indoor meeting outdoors to a park to feel relaxed? It can be an alternative location to discuss the venue, theme, decor and other details with a planner. 


The downside is you can't reserve a table or the best seat under a shade at a park, so come during off-peak hours. Fewer visitors mean fewer distractions.

Benefits of Having a Base When Planning Your Wedding

Every couple dreams of the perfect ceremony, which is only possible with appropriate planning. Having a base where you and your partner can openly discuss your wedding desires with a planner and vendors is essential. It's where everything starts, so it should be a priority.


Since you'll be talking about too many details, from decorations, choosing the venue, music and more, a conducive environment for brainstorming can help make your wedding an occasion to remember.