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June 28, 2023 2 min read

Game On! 3 Entertaining Lawn Games to Amp up Your Rehearsal Dinner


After rehearsing your wedding ceremony, your loved ones will feel up for food and games. Plan one of these entertaining lawn games to make your rehearsal dinner memorable. Your guests won’t be able to resist creative ideas like these.

1. Glowing Bocce Ball


Couples often set up bocce balls at their wedding venue. It’s a relaxing game that’s easy to play, but the fun usually disappears once the sun sets.


Don’t worry about rushing your rehearsal dinner to get outside before the stars come out. Play light-up bocce ball instead. The eight balls and pallino will glow in various colors so everyone knows where to throw them when it’s their turn. Hand out glow-in-the-dark necklaces for some extra fun.

2. Bottle Bash


Split your rehearsal guests into two teams with at least one frisbee each to play bottle bash. You start by setting up a bottle on two opposing poles. Then, you and the other team take turns trying to hit the other team’s bottle off their pole.


While the teams compete, your other guests can relax in hammocks or foldable chairs while music plays in the background.

3. Backyard Bowling


Invest in a set of backyard bowling pins and balls to bowl after your rehearsal dinner. Your guests will likely have some experience with the game and feel up for the challenge.


Assign one person as the scorekeeper so they can track each team’s points after a frame ends. It’s an easy game to play while you chat, creating a laid-back vibe for your rehearsal dinner. Don’t forget you can also order a personalized set of pins or balls and bring them home for future parties as a newly married couple.

Find Fun and Entertaining Lawn Games


Make your rehearsal dinner extra fun with one of these entertaining lawn game ideas. Whether playing with glow-in-the-dark bocce balls or tossing frisbees as the sun sets, you’ll have an incredible evening before your big day arrives.