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August 18, 2023 2 min read

How Much Does a Road Trip Honeymoon Cost?

Road trip honeymoons are great ways to see the world and spend time with your new spouse. They can also be more affordable than trips that require plane tickets. Check out how much a road trip honeymoon could cost and a few things you should include in your budget.

Research shows that vacationers paying for a rental car, hotel room and meals spend an average of $354 per day, which you should multiply by the length of your trip. A weekend road trip honeymoon might cost $708.

Your road trip cost will also include gas prices and entertainment options. Estimating these daily costs and saving more than expected is best to give yourself more spending room.
Road Trip Honeymoon Budget Factors

These are the most important factors to add to your honeymoon budget. They’re standard parts of road trips that influence how much people spend on vacation.
1. Toll Booth Fees

Once you pick a destination, research which routes you’ll take on your honeymoon. The highways will likely include a few toll booths. Older models require coins or cash, but newer ones utilize toll transponders for ease of use.

Toll transponders use wireless scanners to note identifying details about your vehicle as you pass through the toll booth area, such as:

●    The toll booth location
●    Your car’s license plate
●    The date and time you pass through the booth

You can order a QR code sticker and place it on your windshield before your honeymoon. You’ll drive through automatic toll booth lanes and pay the fees online after returning from your trip, which may be easier and free up more time.
2. Tipping at Restaurants

Estimating how much your meals will cost at restaurants is easy, but don’t forget about tipping. Restaurant employees only make $2.13 per hour and rely on tips for most of their paychecks. Tipping a minimum of 20% is a courtesy that goes a long way in helping your servers pay their bills.
3. Destination Clothing

You wouldn’t enjoy wearing heavy winter sweaters on a Florida beach. Ensure you have clothing that matches your honeymoon destination’s typical weather. One outfit per day will suffice, especially if your rental place has a washer and dryer.

A washing machine also ensures you can get stains or odors out of your clothes. After applying solutions like vinegar and baking soda, you can banish diesel or body odors and get the most enjoyment out of your honeymoon.
Start Saving for Your Road Trip Honeymoon
Anyone can plan for road trip honeymoon costs with tips like these. Consider where you’ll stay, if you’ll rent a car and how much gas costs along the way to estimate your budget. Saving a bit more than you expect to spend will provide plenty of financial room for romantic fun after your wedding.