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July 11, 2018 2 min read

How to make a floral veil

The Veil:First decide what length you want. If you want the veil to fall just below your shoulders, at your waist, to your fingertips or to the floor.How much tulle or bridal illusion you will need to make the veil.For a shoulder (blusher) length 18"-24", waist length 30", fingertip length 38"-40", floor length 60"-72" . Always use 108" wide tulle or bridal illusion.You can also use organza, but unlike tulle and bridal illusion you will need to finish off the edges or it will unravel. A narrow rolled edge works well or you can bind the edge easily with a strip of satin bias tape that matches your gown.Lay out the tulle, fold it in half and use small weights along the edges to keep it in place. Using a piece of chalk or pins trace a curve so you can shape the bottom of the tulle into a curve. You are just slightly rounding the veils edge. Now cut the veil along the marked area with dressmaking scissors.Unfold the tulle. You are now going to gather the top of the veil ( the straight edge).To do that you need a heavy thread and a needle. Use a running stitch with thick button thread - sew all the way across the top of the veil.Once you are done, hold one end of the tulle & thread and push the tulle edges together. This will crimp (and gather)the tulle making the top edge of the veil smaller so it can be easily attached to the headband with glue. (see instruction below)Materials needed: To Make:o Hot glue or sew the veil to the headband according to instructions on the package. o Hot glue the medium size flowers to the center of the band. o Hot glue the smaller size flowers on either side of the medium size flowers. Fill in all the holes around and in-between the medium size flowers with the smaller ones. o Insert the pearl sprays. Use white glue to secure.