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July 11, 2018 1 min read

How To make a Floral Purse from Florists Review 101 How to favorites volume 2

Grand Rose Satchel : A leaf-covered "basket" from Florist's Review 101 how-to favorites -volume 2

Covered with a layer of leaves and filled with what resembles a large composite rose, this diminutive "satchel" makes a fabulous nature inspired decoration as well.The "bag," however is actually formed from plastic foam and the pair of organic looking handles are made from bark covered wire (can also use twig wire ribbon) that has been braided.

For lavish rose presentation, individual petals are glued around the perimeter of the plastic foam, and a single exquisite "Eliza" rose blossom is place in a water pick that is glued into the center.

This rosy presentation can be accessorized, as needed, with a simple tie of ribbon or a few modest jewels.

How to make : Step by Step

DIY:Making a Grand Rose Satchel Basket
1. Cut the bottom of a plastic foam cone to create a tapered, 3 to 4 inch high piece, or carve a block to shape. Spray the leaves (I used Galax leaves) with adhesive, and apply them to the plastic foam.
DIY:Making a Grand Rose Satchel Basket
2. Braid lengths of bark covered wire to form two strap like handles. Press the end of the handles into the plastic foam, and secure with hot glue
DIY:Making a Grand Rose Satchel Basket
3. Place a single rose into a water pick, and insert the pick into the center of the plastic foam. Glue rose petals around the perimeter of the plastic foam with floral adhesive. Fill the gaps with additional petals.