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July 11, 2018 1 min read

How To make a Floral Purse from Florists Review 101 How to favorites volume 2

A handmade pouch serves as a flower filled decoration.

Use craft foam or cardboard to make this Botanical Clutch. Cover with leaves using either spray adhesive or a glue gun. The tiny tote is filled with a wealth of lilies (Nerines) that have been placed in water tubes that are hot glued inside the custom crafted bag. Serving as handles, narrow striped ribbon streamers finish the creation and enable the botanical clutch bag to be securely used to decorate aisle ends and chair backs. To avoid pollen stains be sure to remove the anthers from the pollen bearing blossoms you choose to use. Or aternatively, select those without pollen or use preserved and/or dried flowers. Just abut any type of bloom can be used , including big blossom; simply create a large pouch to hold them.

How to make : Step by Step

DIY:How to make a Botanical Clutch
1. Fold a sheet of craft foam in half, and cut the foam into the desired purse shape.
DIY:How to make a Botanical Clutch
2. Staple the sides to foam a pocket. Remove the stems from the leaves, spray the backsides with adhesive (or use glue gun) and layer them onto the pocket in an overlapping manner, beginning at the top.
DIY:How to make a Botanical Clutch
3. Punch holes into the corners of the open end of the pouch. Thread two lengths of 1/4 inch wide ribbon through the holes and tie them to form straps.